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The Seattle King County branch of the NAACP supports Prop 1A

…and these are the reasons: Educational equity is a moral issue. A contributing factor to the continued growth in the education gap is the lack of affordable childcare for working … Continue reading

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Yes on Seattle Preschool Proposition 1A

I have researched both programs as seen in the 10 posts I have written on the programs. My regret is that Burgess and others involved with 1B couldn’t come to the … Continue reading

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Seattle League of Women Voters on Propositions 1A and 1B: Neither, Nor

…but, if you want to vote for one, vote for Proposition 1A, according to the Seattle chapter of LWV. The League of Women Voters, Seattle determined yesterday that neither Proposition … Continue reading

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A letter from a concerned citizen about Proposition 1B and a City of Seattle Department of Education

“For the fourth year in a row, the state auditor’s office has slammed the Seattle’s Human Services Department over its management of grant funds.” I receive information, opinions and concerns … Continue reading

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Proposition 1B: Someone needs to get their story straight

Proposition 1B, the “trust me” prop Someone told me that during the endorsement proceedings at the Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle held on September 24th, Councilmember Tim Burgess stated that … Continue reading

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11 Reasons why Seattle’s Preschool for all Proposition 1B is a bad idea

  In the last few days I was alerted to some information that I find the most egregious about Seattle Councilmember Tim Burgess’ Preschool for All plan that is now Proposition 1B … Continue reading

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10 Reasons why the city’s Preschool for All Proposition 1B is not a good idea

On face value, Initiative 1B appears to be a proposal with great promise but it’s the details, or lack thereof, that is of greatest concern to me. If Initiative 1B passes, then … Continue reading

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Seattle PreSchool for All Proposition 1B: Acelero, the fox watching over the hen house

It seems in the world of education these days that whenever someone has an idea, there are efforts in play to try to co-opt the idea and make money off … Continue reading

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“Pre-School for All” in Seattle, student information sharing, Jump Start and more

  I have written two posts on Universal pre-K which in Seattle is now termed “Preschool for All”; Race to the Tots: Universal (for profit) Pre-K, DFER and the suits and Universal … Continue reading

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Universal Pre-K in Seattle: Reasons to be cautious

  I was looking through a memory book that I had put together when my daughter was a small child and came across her pre-school schedule. It goes like this: … Continue reading

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Race to the Tots: Universal (for profit) Pre-K, DFER and the suits

First, a bit of background about my family and why I am concerned about preschool and what “Universal pre-K” really means. As I have mentioned before, my family is African-American. … Continue reading

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A professor’s encounter with Teach for America

This was originally posted on the Washington Post by Valerie Strauss. A professor’s encounter with two Teach For America recruiters By Mitchell Robinson One of my students was contacted by … Continue reading

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Cheating at Beacon Hill, go figure: It’s called high stakes testing and no one wins

  The crisis in US education is not general and national. It is concentrated where there is poverty and segregation. Testing does not address either problem. -Diane Ravitch High stakes testing … Continue reading

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Preschool Proposition 1A for Seattle

I have researched both programs as seen in the 10 posts I have written on the programs. My regret is that Burgess and others involved with 1B couldn’t come to the … Continue reading

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This is the Big Picture

  I have been researching the “education reform” movement since 2009 and I understand there is a larger picture. This is where we are now. Dora Taylor

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Is Teach for America, Inc. morphing into Leadership for Educational Equity? Is there an image problem here or are they just playing a shell game?

  Or are they doubling the money? A job posting in the idealist: Job posted by: Leadership For Educational Equity  Senior Director, Supporter Relations About Leadership for Educational Equity Leadership … Continue reading

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Bill Gates: An infographic

Gates has given over $4 million to the “pro-free enterprise” AEI since 2007, much of it to “influence the national education debate.” Click on the link to see the full … Continue reading

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Testing a kindergartner: How it feels as a teacher

  I’m not sure where this was originally posted, I’ve seen it on various blogs and websites but apparently it was first seen on Opt Out Alachua Facebook page. The … Continue reading

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Don’t like Common Core, the over-testing of your children, the big money takeover of our schools? You are not alone: Facebook connections

  AZ Parents & Teachers Against CCS and TESTS   Badass Teachers Association   Children are more than test scores   ConversationEd   Florida Stop Common Core Groups   Long Island Opt-out Info   Los Angeles Questions Common Core … Continue reading

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