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Michael Brown: The system worked

What is happening now to our young African-American men is reminiscent of the lynchings of young African-American males in the south. People slain with no remorse and no justice. The … Continue reading

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Why Lunch and Recess Matters

This post was written by a parent with two students in the Seattle Public School system: Turns out the personal really is political – at least for me. Two seemingly … Continue reading

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The jargon of school reformers masks the poverty that stifles student achievement

I sat in on my first Families and Education Levy Oversight Committee meeting yesterday and the one thing that struck me the most was the useless jargon bandied about, phrases such … Continue reading

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The Seattle Office for Education has decided it’s OK to use taxpayer levy dollars for charter schools

The Families and Education Levy Oversight Committee may need a little oversight themselves. I decided it would be worthwhile to research further the Families and Education Levy, the oversight committee … Continue reading

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The Proposition 1B “Preschool for All” Wheel of Fortune: Same players, new game

Proposition 1B “Preschool for All” Wheel of Fortune (Click the image for a better view. Click the title for a pdf.)   “Quality Preschool for All”. It sounds so right, … Continue reading

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Seattle PreSchool for All Proposition 1B: Acelero, the fox watching over the hen house

It seems in the world of education these days that whenever someone has an idea, there are efforts in play to try to co-opt the idea and make money off … Continue reading

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Summit (Sierra) charter school: The skinny on the Gates-backed school set for Seattle, Brad Bernatek (remember him?) and a host of others

Bill Gates will be bringing yet another grand experiment onto public school children in Seattle soon in the form of a charter school “Sierra” which is part of the Summit … Continue reading

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Opting Out in Tacoma: A Meeting

Opting Out in Tacoma: A Meeting From Parents and Friends for Tacoma Public Schools: Fed up with testing? WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT OPTING OUT What: What is Opting Out? What … Continue reading

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Comments on Diane Ravitch’s Blog about “Preschool for All” Proposition 1B

Today, Diane Ravitch wrote a post about the Preschool Proposition 1B controversy here in Seattle. What I found most interesting were the comments. These comments are from teachers and parents around … Continue reading

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Why one parent is voting “No” on Preschool Propositions 1A and 1B

As a parent, I know preschool isn’t a one size fits all experience.  My oldest daughter couldn’t wait to start preschool, my youngest begged me not to take her.  Same … Continue reading

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Potluck for Public Ed

 Potluck for Public Ed Thursday, November 6th 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM Moonpaper Tent 8503 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle 98115 It’s time to get together, relax and have some fun. … Continue reading

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New York hedge fund managers jumping onto the Seattle Preschool Proposition 1B gravy train

The polls are down for Proposition 1B, so what do Burgess and Mayor Murray do? They bring in the troops. From a Seattle Education reader: A new player has entered … Continue reading

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Preschool Teacher Tom: Why I’m voting “No” on Proposition 1B

Teacher Tom is a preschool teacher, writer, speaker, artist and the author of “A Parent’s Guide To Seattle”. For the past 11 years he has taught at the Woodland Park … Continue reading

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Central Branch Preschool in Mount Baker Endorses Preschool Proposition 1A

The following statement was developed by and voted on by the Central Branch Preschool Board. Central Branch Preschool was founded in 1968. We have a long history of offering high … Continue reading

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