Press release from SEA:

With the growing number of schools taking no confidence votes in Seattle Public Schools’ Superintendent Goodloe-Johnson, over one hundred elected association representatives for the Seattle Education Association (SEA) debated the merits of taking a no confidence vote as a body at their monthly business meeting tonight.  The SEA representatives decided to postpone a vote of no confidence until they hold an SEA General Membership meeting at the start of the school year.  The general membership meeting will be held to ratify or reject a tentative negotiated agreement.  SEA President, Olga Addae stated, “The representatives decided they wanted to see how the superintendent manages the negotiation process this summer.  They also want to have more of our members involved in the decision of whether we support the superintendent or if we have no confidence in her.”

The association representatives did vote to recommend to the school board that they not extend the superintendent’s contract at this time.  The members felt that just as they are being held accountable to show growth when their performance needs improvement, the superintendent should prove that she can make significant improvement in the areas that the school board has identified prior to another year extension in her contract.  “Superintendent Goodloe-Johnson currently has a contract until 2012, over two years from today.  Our representatives felt the school board can wait until improvement is made before guaranteeing her another year on the job,” Addae said.