It sounds like Seattle School Superintendent Goodloe-Johnson may have already, unilaterally, negotiated something with TFA — the multimillion-dollar enterprise that recruits young college grads and declares them “teachers” after only 5 weeks’ of training and only requires them to stay on the job for 2 years. Only 34 % of them stay for a third year. They are non-union, btw, and paid accordingly.

Yet another shady backroom deal by the corporate ed reformers, pushing THEIR agenda on our schools, our kids, without any input from us.

Apparently the Seattle Foundation and League of Education Voters are pushing it too.

Check out the SSS blog for more info:

Here are some highlights:

seattle citizen said…

Wowzers, here’s an Introduction item on the agenda that should raise some eyebrows:

“Agreement with Teach For America – Approval of this item will allow TFA candidates to apply for open positions during the Phase III hiring process – This item is a placeholder. Documents should be posted by close of business Tuesday.”

Um, hello? Documents should be posted on Tuesday 5:00pm?

Why? Because they don’t want anyone talking about it?

Just say “no” to TFA. Write your board directors and ask them to laugh this one out of the boardroom.

Aren’t there enough qualified teachers wanting jobs? Like maybe the ones we’ve been laying off? Do we really need teachers with five weeks training and no desire to teach beyond two years applying for jobs in Seattle?

Just say no.

Blogger seattle citizen said…

It’s not the Seattle Foundation, it’s SF and the League of Education Voters who want to bring TFA to Seattle. SF is working with/for LEV.Here’s all the info from the SF website on this:

” OVERVIEW: Teacher quality has a greater effect on student achievement than any other factor. Yet, as a nation and as a region, we have not found a way to ensure that our strongest teachers are working with the students who need them the most. Only 34 percent of low-income 6th graders in the Puget Sound region are achieving at grade level in math (compared to 70 percent of non-low-income students). Sixty-one percent of low-income 6th graders are reading at grade level, compared to 84 percent of their more affluent peers.

“Teach For America (TFA) is a national leader in the movement to end educational inequity by enlisting the country’s most promising future leaders in teaching, leading and advocating for schools that serve high numbers of low-income students. TFA recruits and trains top college graduates who commit to teaching in urban and rural public schools, and who ultimately become lifelong advocates of high-quality education for all students. Since 1990, TFA has grown to include more than 24,000 corps members (teachers) and alumni who have taught more than 3 million students across 35 regions nationwide.

“Until now, political and regulatory barriers have prevented TFA from establishing a presence in Washington State. Recent K-12 education reforms adopted by the state legislature, coupled with heightened community interest and support, have opened the door to TFA’s launch of a Puget Sound program. [SB6696? — sue p.]

“There are a number of donors and funders who are supporting this effort, including the following:: The Seattle Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Raikes Foundation, The Bezos Family Foundation, Intelius Inc.

“ACTIVITIES AND RESULTS: TFA plans to bring 150 Teach for America teachers to the Puget Sound over three years, beginning in Fall 2011. In order to do so, TAF must achieve three key milestones by August 1, 2010:
Secure partnerships (and commitments totaling $1 million over 3 years) with 3-5 school districts

Develop an agreement with a partner—most typically a local university—to certify TFA teachers
Secure $5.2 million in private sector funding
“RECENT GRANTS: In order to bring TFA to the Puget Sound region, TFA must secure $5.2 million in private funds. The Seattle Foundation will dedicate $250,000 to this effort, and is committed to raising an additional $250,000 from TSF donors and contributors (for a total of $500,000).
“GET INVOLVED: Make a contribution: Help us bring the important work of Teach for America to the Puget Sound region by making a contribution to this important initiative. Give online or call (206) 622-2294. Learn more: Become involved with the League of Education Voters and support their work to bring Teach For America to Puget Sound area schools. Contact Caroline Maillard, Education Element Lead at The Seattle Foundation, at (206) 622-2294 or c.maillard [at] to learn more about Teach For America and other efforts to support high quality public schools and give children the skills they need to succeed in school and life.”

10/3/10 7:27 PM

— sp.