Sound familiar, Seattle?


Press Conference

The Parent and Community Coalition for Educational Change

will announce a Resolution of NO-CONFIDENCE in

RCSD Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard on

Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011, 10:00 am, @ Phillis

Wheatley Library, 33 Dr. Samuel McCree

Way, Rochester, NY

The Parent and Community Coalition for Educational Change is composed of the following organizations:

·        Alliance for Quality Education

·        Coalition for Common Sense in Education

·        Community Education Task Force

·        Green Party of Monroe County

·        Metro Justice

We believe that Rochester City School District Superintendent, Jean-Claude Brizard’s leadership and initiatives have caused serious harm to Rochester’s students, parents, communities and schools in the following ways:

·        Students: The Superintendent has created school environments that have replaced the joy and love of learning with obsessive “test-prep,” anxiety and fear of failure. Missing are the conditions that promote higher-level thinking, character development, citizenship and the arts.

·        Parents and Communities: Superintendent Brizard has diminished the democratic participation of parents and community through the use of a “top-down” management style and a corporate-based, education reform strategy.

·        Schools: Superintendent Brizard has continued to alienate and de-professionalize education by diminishing shared decision-making, advocating “merit pay,” supporting charter schools, closing schools, increasing the use of scripted teaching and standardized testing, and decreasing programs that deal with the impact of poverty on students.

Therefore, it is our moral obligation to issue this resolution of “No-Confidence” in Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard. The purpose of this resolution is to influence the Rochester Board of Education and the Superintendent to implement immediate changes in policy and practice to address the specific concerns reflected in this resolution.

The formal resolution and its research underpinnings will be shared at the press conference.

So now Superintendent Brizard sits alongside our own Broad-trained superintendent, Dr. Marie Goodloe-Johnson, in sharing votes of “no confidence” along with the following Broad grad superintendents:

Dr. Matthew H. Malone, superintendent of Swampscott Public Schools received a vote of No-Confidence in 2008.

Broad-trained superintendent Deborah Sims received a vote of No-Confidence from the Antioch Teachers’ Union in 2008.

Dr. LaVonne Sheffield, Broad graduate superintendent in Rockford.  Also a letter from a parent to the superintendent regarding their principal. There’s even a Facebook page on this superintendent.

And my all time favorite, Robert Bobb, the Broad-trained CFO for the Detroit school system who was hired to fix the budget and will be leaving in June with a worse financial picture than when he started. He was too busy trying to play CAO rather than CFO.

I think that I am starting to see a trend here. It seems that ed-reform does not fit the needs and reality of school districts across the country.