Without cause.

Here is their statement, just released tonight.

Okay, so the board is wimping out a bit (many have argued that there is a case to be made for firing with cause), but if they go through with this, it will be a step in the right direction for our beleaguered school district. We badly need new leadership and a new culture of honesty and accountability emanating from the John Stanford central office — with a focus on the kids.

But it sounds like our Broad Superintendent’s Academy graduate will cost us another $264,000 (in severance).

The board is proposing to name current CAO Susan Enfield as the interim superintendent. This would be an easy solution for them for the moment. But, Dr. Enfield still is rather new to the district (hired in July 2009) so she’s still getting acquainted with our schools and  programs — one of the problems with Goodloe-Johnson.  (Enfield came to SPS from Vancouver WA and Portland, OR.) And she is getting mixed reviews from the SPS community. She also was hired by Goodloe-Johnson, so appointing her doesn’t really amount to cleaning house.

But it does buy all of us time to come up with a better choice for a more permanent and successful superintendent for our district.

Tomorrow’s school board meeting promises to be a potentially lively affair. The public is welcome. Public commentary begins at 6 p.m. The board vote on the proposals will take place sometime after that.

(Tonight I had the chance to chat with Frank Shiers and Josh Kerns on KIRO’s (97.3 FM) John Curley Show about the whole affair.)

–Sue p.

She's history. Jan. 2009 -- The first protest rally of Superintendent Goodloe-Johnson's ed reform policies. Her "Capacity Management Plan" closed or merged five schools to allegedly save $3.5 million a year. Eight months later, she announced the district would need to re-open five schools at a cost of $48 million.