In a Seattle Educators’ Association (SEA) meeting last night, it was voted by the members to call for a replacement of the MAP test.

The resolution is as follows:

Whereas testing is not the primary purpose of education;

Whereas the MAP test and other tests increase student stress and anxiety and distract from real learning;

Whereas the MAP was brought into Seattle Schools under suspicious circumstances and conflicts of interest;

Whereas the SEA has always had the position of calling for funding to go to classroom and student needs first;

Whereas our Collective Bargaining Agreement mandates some testing but does not specify the MAP;

Whereas the new situation in our district is a ripe climate for focusing on education and not testing;

Whereas many board members and the new superintendent have repeatedly stated they wish to cut programs that don’t benefit students directly;

Be it Resolved that the SEA will make a formal statement to the School Board, the new Superintendent and the public that the MAP test should be scrapped and/or phased out and the resources saved be returned to the classroom.

Be it further resolved that the SEA will call for replacement of the MAP with other existing tests in order to give feedback to educators on student progress.

The Representative Assembly voted in a hand vote of approximately 80 to 20 for the resolution.

See The MAP for additional information.

And my testimony regarding MAP.