…and an excuse for me to mix things up a bit.

First up, a wonderful video titled Stems Need Blooms.



Next up, another great post by Jim Horn, Big Time Self Plagiarism, Punked Web Lemmings, and Chain Gangs For All? Part 1.

To follow is an excerpt.

Part of my unpaid job is to sniff out the grisliest of educational abuses and to publicly ridicule them in ways that are reality-based, researched, honest, and entertaining.  That is why I spend so much time on KIPP, which I view as the greatest threat to the possibility for humane and healthy schooling for poor children.

And if that is not enough reason to give it my top priority, then there is today’s troubling coalition of both ramrod conservatives and neoliberals who embrace these segregated sweat boxes in much the same way the same unnatural allies did at about this time last century, when America became swept up in the Hitler-inspiring pseudoscience of eugenics, or How to Create a Pure and Efficient Race by Doing What is “best” for the Defectives.  Ah, Race to the Top–I get it now.

And even though it’s a beautiful weekend in Seattle and our first one of the year, something to think about regarding the funding of our educational system or rather, the lack thereof, EPI’s study on the effect of the Bush era tax cuts that are unfortunately still with us.