Have I got news for you!

The pace has picked up around the country since the school year began.

Our state PTA is busy promoting charter schools along with the Gates backed League of Education Voters, Stand for Children and DFER.

To read the Washington PTA proposal with all of the details, check out Whoa! Where Did That Come From Washington State PTA!? Charter Schools?!

The life of Vita Perrone, Sr., an educator who I did not know, was described in an article written by Paul Vitello in the New York Times, Victor Perrone, Sr., Who Fought Standardized Tests, Dies at 78. A highly recommended read.

Our very own Dr. Susan Enfield, Interim Superintendent of Seattle Public Schools, withheld information for nearly a year on who would be paying the $4,000 fee for each Teach for America, Inc. recruit to be placed in our school district.  Gee, I wonder who was behind that funding? All of us had guessed it but why was it suppose to be such a secret? See Who is Backing Teach for America, Inc. in Seattle?

I’m a little ahead of myself on this one because I had planned to post this later this week on Seattle Ed but Parents Across America requested that I share it on their blog first. There is no reason not to share this triumph with everyone else ahead of time, so check out Teach for America Displays Taken Down in Portland and Seattle.

And this from Thomas Ratliff, member of the Texas State Board of Education: Too Much Testing.

And finally this last article, Whoever Said There’s No Such Thing As A Stupid Question Never Looked Carefully at a Standardized Test by Alfie Kohn reminds you that sometimes you have have to take the time to look at the details.