Social Equality Educators Action Planning Meeting
Meeting to organize SEE‘s plan for the November 28th rally against budget cuts in Olympia
When: Tuesday, November 22, 2011–4:00pm
Where: Piecora’s Pizza, 1401 East Madison Street Seattle, WA 98122
RSVP: Reply to if you can make:
A) The planning meeting at Piecora’s on Tuesday, or
The Protest in Olympia on Nov. 28th.
A premeditated crime is about to take place on November 28th–and you can do something to help stop it.

Monday, November 28th marks the beginning of Washington State’s special legislative session where they are going to negotiate cuts of a proposed $2 billion to education and healthcare. These budget cuts are literally a matter of life and death, as tens of thousands of people will be denied access to healthcare and thousands of students will see their class sizes increase and services deteriorate.

Moreover, the State of Washington has been found guilty by a Washington State court for failing to fund basic education. Last February, King County Superior Court Judge John Erlick ruled in his school-funding decision, “Thirty years have passed since our state Supreme Court directed the state to provide stable and dependable funding for basic education. The state has made progress toward this constitutional obligation, but remains out of compliance. State funding is not ample, it is not stable, and it is not dependable.” SEE intends to help enforce WASHINGTON STATE LAW.

On Monday, November 28th teachers, many other unionists, and Occupy activists from around the state will descend on the state capitol. The Social Equality Educators will be joining in with our union brothers and sister from around the state to Occupy the capital and make our voice against these budget cuts heard.

Please join us for our own special planning session to figure out what action we will take in Olympia to make sure they know that teachers will not stand for any more budget cuts.