There is an odd survey that is being circulated by the Seattle school board to determine how parents feel about our Interim Superintendent  Susan Enfield.

I would highly recommend that everyone take the survey and as Sue has suggested, if you cannot answer a question in a way that reflects your opinion, send an e-mail to the board members telling them exactly what you do think.

But in the vein of asking questions of the public, we have a few for and about Dr. Enfield.

1. The question that burns a hole in my brain is why Dr. Enfield was such a cheerleader for having Teach for America, Inc. recruits come into our school system when we have a large pool of qualified candidates who have been educated in the field of education as well as the fact that Seattle has two colleges of education graduating candidates each year who would love to teach in our schools and make a life-long commitment to our communities.

I would watch Dr. Enfield in the broad meetings champion and defend TFA, Inc. as the board was considering whether to allow them into our school district. And she honestly didn’t seem to understand why time after time, parents and teachers would come up to the podium and speak endlessly on how we did not want TFA, Inc. recruits teaching our children or in our schools. But she was insistent and the board rubber-stamped once again the ed-reform agenda, except for Betty Patu who was as equally puzzled as to why we needed temps teaching our children.

There was also the questionable behavior on the part of Dr. Enfield with her reluctance to tell the school board who would be paying the additional fee of $4,000 per TFA, Inc. recruit each year as well as her chummy relationship with Ms. Ortega, the TFA, Inc. representative who was shilling for TFA to the school board. There was also Dr. Enfield’s willingness to assist TFA, Inc. any way possible to get the word out about the program. See Scribed documents, page 258.

2. A burning question for Sue is  why did the Evergreen School District lay off Susan Enfield? And then the next question, why did the Superintendent of that district prohibit district staffers from talking to Seattle about Dr. Enfield’s time there as a Deputy Superintendent?

At the VERY LEAST the Seattle school board should contact the Evergreen School District and ask the question of why she was laid off.

3. Is the school board vetting Dr. Enfield as they would any other candidate for superintendent? Dr. Enfield was brought in by our Broad-trained superintendent, Dr. Goodloe-Johnson. That in itself would be reason enough to thoroughly review Dr. Enfield’s record and her philosophy on education. The school board did not thoroughly vet Goodloe-Johnson. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again.

4. Dr. Enfield does not have previous experience as a superintendent. Isn’t that another reason to not only thoroughly vet Dr. Enfield but also to provide others in our community the opportunity to apply for the position? We have many well qualified candidates who know our communities and our schools and have made a lifelong commitment to Seattle.

5. And what’s with her track record of seven jobs in the last ten years? Have the school board members looked into that?

Sue did a post that is well worth reading again at this time, Susan’s Choice: Will Seattle’s new interim school  superintendent lead the district in the right direction? Or will it be business as usual behind a more friendly facade?

To our reading audience, what questions or opinions do you have about our Interim Superintendent?