Issued by Parents Across America:

Dear Friends:
It’s nearly impossible for parents to ignore what’s being done to our public schools these days. It’s become even harder for parents to have a say about decisions that affect our children’s lives on a daily basis. In fact, politicians and those running our school systems often seem to think that the only voices that matter in education are those that come with big dollar signs!

Fortunately, Parents Across America was formed nearly a year ago to give parents a powerful new voice in the national public education debate. PAA has already become a major player in the fight for a high quality education for every child in the U.S. In a few short months, we have gained prominence and established ourselves as a credible voice for parents through articles in Education Week, the Washington Post’s Answer Sheet, on radio and TV, and in the newspapers.

The 1% wants to control public education in this country – and they do not want parents to have a say in our own children’s education. That’s why we are coming to you today for support.

If you think it’s important that parents have a strong, informed and independent voice in our children’s education, please consider making a tax-deductible donation so that PAA can ramp up our efforts.  Some of our activities in the past year: 

·         We held our kickoff national educational forum in NYC on February 7, 2011, with keynote speaker Diane Ravitch.

·         Our electronic newsletter has more than 4,000 subscribers, and our Facebook page and group have more than 1,500 members.

·         We have 15 chapters and affiliates in 10 states, with more forming every week.

·         We played a prominent role in this summer’s Save Our Schools march on Washington DC, and PAA members spoke at the rally and provided workshops at the conference.

·         Our proposal to reform NCLB/ESEA was featured in the Washington Post and was endorsed by the SOS March.

·         Armed with our fact sheets and other information, our members helped beat back the forces of corporate reform in states from North Carolina to the state of Washington.

But we have still a long way to go to overcome the forces of big money that are intent on privatizing our public schools, and imposing policies, including school closings,  more high stakes testing, and the rapid expansion of online learning, that threaten to further damage our children and are unsupported by research.

If you care about public education and you think that an organization like PAA is needed to push for better public schools for every single child, and to give stakeholders a national voice in progressive education reform, please make a generous donation now.

You may use our Donate button or mail a tax-deductible check or money order to PAA/Class Size Matters at 124 Waverly Place, New York, NY 10011

Thank you and have a happy holiday season from  Parents Across America!