The vote was 22-2 and occurred last night.

The resolution can be found at this location.

I am having difficulty getting the approved resolution up so I will put up the draft as requested by readers of this blog:

Whereas section III.13 of the platform of the 36th District Democrats specifically opposes privatization of public schools, vouchers, and charter schools;

Whereas the voters of Washington State have defeated charter measures three times;

Whereas peer-reviewed research shows that charter schools perform no better than public schools;

Whereas charter schools often serve only a select group of students;

Whereas charter schools shift public moneys to private for-profit firms;

Whereas Washington State is experiencing a prolonged fiscal and budgetary crisis; and

Whereas charter school legislation would require substantial additional revenue;

Whereas children with special needs are rarely allowed access to charter schools;

Whereas students who do not meet school performance goals are “counseled out” of charter schools;

Whereas charter school populations are more segregated and less diverse than public schools;

Whereas charter schools receive public funds but do not receive local or state oversight;

Whereas the financial instability of charter schools causes many of them to fail and close creating greater instability in a community;

Whereas charter schools hire less qualified and inexperienced teachers to control their costs;

Whereas teachers are required to work longer hours and take on additional responsibilities with the same or less pay than their counterparts in public schools;

Whereas charter schools are more often than not motivated by profit rather than the students’ best interest;

Whereas many charter schools outsource the administrative duties to unknown profit making entities;

Therefore be it resolved that the 36th District Democrats censure Sen./Rep. ___________ for sponsoring/supporting/voting for charter legislation in the current session of the Washington State legislature.







Post Script: I would also include reference to the NAACP resolution regarding charter schools that was passed last year,

Post Script 2:

Please consider writing the Washington State Senate Committee on Early Learning and K-12 Education and letting them know that you do not support charter schools.


Vice Chair

Committee Members

On the house side, the committee on education contact information is:

And for the Republicans, who do not publish their e-mail addresses, you can call Julia Kwon and leave a message, 360.786.7292.