Rainier Beach High School is hosting a series of  tours to highlight the very special aspects of their school.

There will be several opportunities to attend in the mornings and evenings in the next few weeks.

Rainier Beach High School Open House

School Tour Dates

Thursday, January 19th, School Tour 8-9:30 AM and Open House 6:30-8 PM

Thursday, February 9th, School Tour 8-9:30 AM

Thursday, February 16th, Open House 6:30-8:30 PM

Thursday, March 1st, School Tour 8-9:30 AM

Thursday, March 8th, School Tour 8-9:30 AM

 Rainier Beach High School has a strong and active PTA. They are always working hard to support their students and advocate for them at every possible opportunity. I have seen them at many a school board meeting and other student advocacy events.

From their school website:

Rainier Beach is a comprehensive high school with the smaller size that many parents prefer. This provides more personalized education in which the staff are able to know students well – a key factor in student achievement. Through the Advanced Placement classes, the arts and music classes, and the CTE classes, students work with a group of teachers over a period of time. Strong mentoring programs support incoming ninth-graders in the transition to high school. This continues until students graduate. We have created a climate in which all students feel a sense of belonging, and these efforts are paying off in improved student achievement – our shared goal for all of our students. Some of the highlights include:

  • Approximately 29 community partners, in addition to the PTSA, supporting academics, college planning and social/emotional needs
  • Advanced Placement offerings in all core subjects (with more added each year!)
  • A strong athletic program focused on the academics and creating student-athletes
  • A small school atmosphere in which students are known by many adults in the building
  • Full-time arts and music programs

The special programs offered at Rainier Beach High School include:

Law Magnet: This program is geared towards students who are interested in pursuing a career in Law, Public Safety or Law Enforcement.

Culinary Arts: This program is for those students interested in Cooking and/or Dietician careers.

Microsoft Cisco IT Program: For students who want to pursue Technical careers.

CWEST: For those interested in the field of construction.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is planned for 2013/2014. The graduating class of 2016 will be the first IB graduating class.

The staff and parent leadership at Rainier Beach High School have taken it upon themselves to provide all students who require it with wrap-around services so that each student has the opportunity to succeed. The school is termed a Full Service Community School.

This is a description of what a Full Service Community School is:

Rainier Beach High School is a Full Service Community School that provides students and families with a comprehensive range of programs and services through community partnerships. The Full Service Community Schools project is made possible by a five-year grant funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The purpose of the project is increase the number of students who meet achievement standards and challenging academic content. Through a collaborative school/community partnership that provides comprehensive educational, social, and health services for students, families, and communities, the project strives to improve the ability of the schools and community partners to coordinate, communicate, and collaborate in reducing academic and non-academic barriers to learning; increase family involvement with their student’s education; increase students’ access to academic, enrichment and support services; and increase the percentage of students demonstrating healthy well-being and positive youth development.

And these organizations are their community partners:

Ashoka Seattle Youth Venture
Atlantic Street Center
Bright Future

Central Youth and Family Services
City Campus –Career Workplace Exploration in Skilled Trades (C-WEST)
Community for Youth
Consejo Counseling & Referral Service
Danna K. Johnston Foundation – Successful Youth
Future of the Law Institute
Inspiring Girls Now in Technology Evolution (IGNITE)
NELA Center for Student Success

OneWorld Now!
Padres Promotores de Campaña Quetzal
Planned Parenthood – Teen Outreach Program
Rainier Valley Eats
Seattle Inner City Outings
Seattle King County Public Health – Teen Health Center
Southeast Seattle Youth Orchestra
Summer Search
University of Washington – Dream Project
University of Washington – Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA)
Upward Bound
Urban Impact – The Leadership and Mentorship Project and Empire Nights
YMCA – Black Achievers
Youth Ambassadors
Youth 180
YWCA – Girls First

Take some time out of your week to drop in and see what Rainier Beach High School is doing.