WHEREAS the Olympic View community believes that a vibrant, fully funded and supported, public education is fundamental to the survival of our democracy, a thriving economy, and our shared well-being.

WHEREAS public schools in Washington State are suffering from underfunding, resulting in cutbacks of teaching and support staff, and increasingly inadequate instructional materials.

WHEREAS the Olympic View community has done what it can to fill the gaps in funding needs, but cannot and should not be expected to fill all the gaps, let alone make the investments we feel are necessary.

WHEREAS the Washington Supreme Court recently has ordered the state to meet its constitutionally mandated paramount duty to fully fund basic education which will require hundreds of millions of additional dollars per year be added to the education budget.

WHEREAS time spent on other education issues, especially on a divisive issue like charter schools is a distraction which diminishes the likelihood that full public school funding will be achieved.

Therefore be it RESOLVED that the Olympic View PTA believes our state legislators and all advocacy by pro-education organizations be directed toward ensuring that the Washington State Legislature complies with the order to fully fund the state’s existing public schools and its students.

Therefore be it RESOLVED that the Olympic View PTA ask the Washington State Legislature to concentrate its efforts on resolving the funding crisis and to terminate consideration of other education-related issues that undermine and distract from addressing this need, this would include charter schools.

Therefore be it RESOLVED that the Olympic View PTA ask the Washington State PTA to refrain from any further participation in the charter school debate or promoting legislation to include charter schools in Washington State.

Passed at the general membership meeting on February 8, 2012

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