With Arne Duncan came the privatizers like a slimy trail from his time in Chicago as CEO of the Chicago Public School system creating charter schools for the big boys to Washington D.C. as Secretary of Education which has since been populated by Gates trainees.

See Arne Duncan’s Renaissance 2010 for links to a full analysis of his actions as CEO of Chicago Public Schools. For specific examples of his lack of understanding about children, child development and attachment or anything to do with education read  The Failure of Education Reform: “Transformation” at Central Falls High School and How Arne Duncan is Transforming New Orleans Public Schools. His failures have been colossal and enormously expensive not only in terms of the amount of money that has been spent but also in terms of the turmoil that has been created since his reign of terror on our schools. Where are we now after almost four years with Duncan being Secretary of Education? In a mess. But then what do you expect from a basketball player turned leader of all things education without any experience in a classroom?

Now there is a petition that has been garnering hundreds of signatories over the last few weeks and the number of signers is now up to almost 2,500.

Here is the wording of the petition to President Obama:

We, the undersigned, a cross section of the nation’s teachers and their supporters, wish to express our extreme displeasure with the policies implemented during your administration by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. Although many of us campaigned enthusiastically for you in 2008, it is unlikely that you will receive continued support unless the following three dimensions of your administration’s education initiatives are changed:

The exclusion of teachers from policy discussions in the US Department of Education and from Education Summits called under your leadership.

The use of rhetoric which blames failing schools on “bad teachers” rather than poverty and neighborhood distress.

The use of federal funds to compel states and municipalities to use student test scores in the evaluation of teachers and as the basis for closing low performing schools.

Because of these policies, teachers throughout the nation have become discouraged and demoralized, undermining your own stated goals of improving teacher quality, upgrading the nation’s educational performance, and encouraging creative pedagogy rather than “teaching to the test.”

We therefore submit the following measures to put your administration’s education policy back on the right track and to bring teachers in as full partners in this effort:

The removal of Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education and his replacement by a lifetime educator who has the confidence of the nation’s teachers.

The incorporation of parents, teachers, and school administrators in all policy discussion taking place in your administration, inside and outside the Department of Education.

An immediate end to the use of incentives or penalties to compel states and municipalities to use student test scores as a basis for evaluating teachers, preferring charter schools to existing public schools, and requiring closure of low performing schools.

Create a National Commission, in which teachers and parent representatives play a primary role, which explores how to best improve the quality of America’s schools.

We believe such policies will create an outpouring of good will on the part of teachers, parents and students which will promote creative teaching and educational innovation, leading to far greater improvements in the nation’s schools than policies which encourage a proliferation of student testing could ever hope to do.

Please consider signing this petition to let President Obama know that his Secretary of Education is doing more harm than good to our children.

Also, you can visit the Dump Duncan Facebook page for updates on the progress of the petition or just to vent.