Join with Occupy Seattle Public Education, Parents Across America and Social Equality Educators for a march and rally culminating at the headquarters of the Gates Foundation, an organization that represents the push towards school privatization and high-stakes testing. We will be bringing a simple message:

We refuse to pay for the crisis created by the 1%.

We refuse to accept the dismantling of our schools and universities, while the banks and corporations make record profits.

We refuse to accept educational re-segregation, massive tuition increases, outrageous student debt, and increasing privatization and corporatization of our public schools.

They got bailed out and we got sold out.

Through nationally coordinated mass actions we can and will turn back the tide of austerity.

Gather for the rally at the Westlake Plaza at 2:45 PM

March to the Gates Foundation at 3:30 PM.

For information on actions around the country, check out Occupy Education. For additional information on what will be happening in Seattle, check out Occupy Seattle Public Education Facebook page.