Dear legislators:

As the legislature works to produce a budget during this week’s special session, the Ballard High School PTSA urges lawmakers to be mindful of their paramount constitutional duty and focus first and foremost on amply funding our children’s education.

Furthermore, we believe that the legislature’s first priority after it passes the budget should be working to devise a permanent solution to the chronic underfunding of our public schools.  As the Supreme Court reminded us in the McCleary case, that is the legislature’s first order of constitutional business; until it is accomplished lawmakers should not spend time debating divisive issues such as charter schools that sidetrack time and attention and could ultimately impact your ability to fully fund public education. There is a gaping hole in our state’s educational funding, and rearranging the deck chairs won’t close it.

Thirty-four years have passed since the State Supreme Court found in the Seattle School District case that the state was failing to meet its constitutional duty toward its younger citizens. It is long past time to solve the problem. We look forward to the legislature’s efforts to do so, and will urge our members to participate constructively in this process.

Thank you for your consideration, and good luck with your efforts.

For the Ballard High School PTSA Board


John Verduin, President