Netroots Nation presented a panel on the subject of privitization of our public school system in June during the Netroots Nation Conference. To follow is an introduction about the topic and the video of the panel discussion.

For many low-income areas and communities of color, education is regarded as the key to rebuilding our communities and overcoming injustice. So why has education policy become so divisive? In this session, panelists will draw on their experience and expertise as public school teachers, parents and advocates to guide attendees toward an understanding of the ways in which education reform has been used as a wedge issue to pit members of historically underserved communities against each other, as well as how these communities have been used by outside interests in the pursuit of other ideological goals. This will also be a space to envision how communities can come together to resist these trends and build a vision of public education that uplifts the entire community and serves our collective best interests.

Note: One of the panelists, Karran Harper-Royal, is a founding member of Parents Across America.