“Funding proven solutions for ALL students, not unproven initiatives for a few”

The above statement is from the No on I1240 campaign.

A request has gone out to provide a short list of talking points for the No on Initiative 1240 campaign. I have borrowed heavily (meaning word for word) from Dr. Au’s post, a letter to be presented to Reuven Carlyle and my own posts on Initiative 1240 to distill down the main points into one or two sentences that can be used on any occasion.

Please use as you see fit.

I-1240 contains a parent or teacher trigger that allows for a slim majority of teachers or parents to sign a petition and convert any school into a charter school.

Initiative 1240 does not require any public notice to parents or teachers that a charter conversion petition is being circulated. The first time students, parents or teachers hear about this conversion might be after the fact, when they can no longer do anything to stop it.

This “trigger” would apply to every school in Washington State, regardless of its standing or the academic record of its students.

The Washington State PTA voted not to support Initiative 1240 because the initiative did not meet the WSPTA’s “criteria for local oversight.” 

Charter schools would lack a mechanism for public accountability due to their lack of publicly elected governance.

According to the fiscal impact report of Initiative 1240, the projected implementation costs are estimated to be $3,090,700.

At a time when Washington State has cut $2.5 billion from education in the last 3 years, when our state has the 4th most crowded classrooms in the country, when we spend less per pupil than Mississippi, and when the State Supreme Court has ruled that we have not met our financial commitment to fully fund public education, charters will only contribute to educational inequality, not ameliorate it.

A charter school authorizer is free to contract out their duties to anyone.

Such laws have led to widespread corruption and waste in other states and would enhance the potential for unethical behavior and very clear conflicts of interest.

An authorizer could be a contractor who benefits from a particular charter franchise being approved. It also removes the process of authorizing charter schools one step further from the public eye.

Initiative 1240 circumvents our State Constitution because it would set up an alternative state school system not under the supervision or oversight of the Superintendent of Public Instruction or the local school board.

At the state level there would be an appointed state commission on charter schools that could authorize charters. At the school level, charter schools would be governed by an appointed charter school board. There would be no democratically elected governance of charter schools and appointees of the State Commission could not be voted out.

Also per the Washington State Constitution, because charters would be governed by non-democratic, non-elected bodies and run by private non-profit companies, under the Washington State Constitution and past case law, they would not qualify as “common schools” and therefore they should not be eligible to receive public school monies.

The research does not support this initiative.

Nothing has been “proven” with regards to charter schools and student success, and even the studies done by pro-charter think tanks like the Center for Reinventing Public Education (CRPE), have not proven categorical achievement.

The Mathematica/CRPE study found that charters in their study produced “statistically insignificant” gains in test scores in all subjects, and this was the case even though the charters in their study had fewer English language learners and students in special education.

There is no firm commitment to low performing schools or students.

The language used is to “give preference” to not “will provide”.

Who is backing this initiative and who isn’t?

The Yes On 1240 Washington Coalition for Public Charter Schools has received $9,132,994.26 in donations. $6.7 million, or roughly 73% of that comes from 5 donors:

  1. Bill Gates – $3,000,000;
  1. Alice Walton (heiress daughter of Walmart founder, Sam Walton) – $1,700,000;
  1. Nicolas Hanauer  (venture capitalist, early investor in Amazon.com) – $1,000,000;
  2. Mike Bezos (father of Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos) – $500,000;
  1. Jackie Bezos (mother of Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos) – $500,000;

A total of $8.85 million, or just under 97% of the campaign is being funded by 19 donors, most of them being millionaires or billionaires, and some of them out-of-state.

To follow is the list of organizations and individuals who have said “No” to Initiative 1240.

Public School Leaders & Individuals

School Superintendents

Dennis Kip Herren, Auburn

Dr. Nick Brossoit, Edmonds

Steve Myers, Educational Service District 10;

Superintendent, Toppenish (former)

Michael Nelson, Enumclaw

Dr. Gary Cohn, Everett

Dr. Milton Snyder, Federal Way (retired)

Margarita Lopez, Grandview

Dr. Janet Barry, Issaquah and Central Kitsap (retired );

1996 National School Superintendent of the Year

Larry Francois, Northshore School District

Jerry Jenkins, Northwest Educational Service District

Dr. Mary Alice Heuschel, Renton

Dr. Gary Kohlwes, Renton (retired)

Vera Risdon, Renton

Jean Shumate, Stanwood/Camano

Dr. Art Jarvis, Tacoma, South Whidbey, Enumclaw (retired)

Michael Brophy, West Valley

Dr. Josephine Moccia, South Whidbe

School Boards and School Board Directors

Jeff Huleatt, D.D.S., Arlington

Mavis Nickels, Battle Ground

Marianne Lincoln, Bethel (former)

Ken Watkins, Bremerton

Tracy Zahn, Bridgeport

Cindy McMullen, Central Valley

Suzanne Dolle, Cheney

Anna Cammy Brown, Chimicum

Lloyd Wallis, Clarkston

Merlene Buller, Concrete

Joanne Greer, Deer Park

Mitch Jensen, East Valley

Eatonville School Board

Roger Andrascik, Eatonville

Bob Homan, Eatonville

Susan Phillips, Edmonds

Anita Boyum, Ellensburg

Nancy Merrill, Enumclaw

April Schroeder, Enumclaw

Carol Andrews, Everett

Pam LeSesne, Everett

Jeffery Russell, Everett

Evergreen School Board

Victoria Bradford, Evergreen

Michael Parsons, Evergreen

Larry S. Ayre, Finley

Franklin Pierce School Board

Goldendale School Board

Goldendale #404 School Board

Joette Barry, Grand Coulee Dam

Susan Goding, Highline

Barb deMichele, Issaquah (former)

Connie Fletcher, Issaquah (former)

Roy Parsons, Kelso

Patty Wood, Kelso

Bruce Richards, Central Kitsap

Christopher J. Lemke, South Kitsap

Kathryn J. Simpson, South Kitsap

Mari Taylor, Lake Stevens

Doug Eglington, Lake Washington

Kevin Burke, Lynden

Christopher Nation, Marysville

Craig Patti, North Mason

Pat Braman, Mercer Island

Dave Myerson, Mercer Island

Moses Lake School Board

Russ Pfeiffer-Hoyt, Mt. Baker

John Gahagan, Mukilteo

Ron Johnson, Mukilteo

Ken Laverty, Mukilteo

Judith M. Schwab, Mukilteo

Julia Lacey, Northshore

Onion Creek School Board

J. Andrew James, Onion Creek

Tony Ghazel, Orcas Island

Ruben Peralta, Pasco

Port Angeles School Board

Cindy Kelly, Port Angeles

Sarah Methner, Port Angeles

Pamela Daly, Port Townsend

Susan Weed, Pullman

Karen Johnson, Raymond

Renton School Board

Denise Eider, Renton

Al Talley, Renton

Pam Teal, Renton

Joy Poff, Renton (former)

Mary Guay, Richland

Rick Jansons, Richland

Scott Carruth, Ritzville

Riverview School Board

Danny Edwards, Riverview

Carol Van Noy, Riverview

Seattle School Board

Harrium Martin-Morris, Seattle

Martha McLaren, Seattle

Betty Patu, Seattle

Sharon Peaslee, Seattle

Kay Smith-Blum, Seattle

Irene Stewart, Seattle (former)

Shoreline School Board

Sequim School Board

Tacoma School Board

Kim Golding, Tacoma (former)

Scott Heinze, Tacoma

Kathy Orlando, Tacoma (former)

Catherine Ushka, Tacoma

Karen Vialle, Tacoma

Mary Jane Glaser, Tahoma

Chuck Namit, North Thurston

Lloyd Caten, Tonasket

Catherine Stangland, Tonasket

Mary Fertakis, Tukwila

Dave N. Larson, Tukwila

Kim Reykdal, Tumwater

Rick Maloney, University Place

Edri Geiger, Vancouver

Walla Walla School Board

Martha Rice, Yakima

Organizations & Elected Officials

Randy Dorn, Superintendent of Public Instruction

Education Organizations

American Federation of Teachers — Washington

Association of Washington School Principals

National Education Association

Parents Across America — Seattle chapter

Parents Across America — Spokane chapter

Parents Across America – Tri-Cities chapter˙

Parents and Friends for Tacoma Public Schools

Public School Employees of Washington

Save Our Schools (SOS) Washington

University of Washington Alumni Association Multicultural Partnership Board

Washington Association for Career and Technical Education

Washington Association of School Administrators

Washington Education Association

Washington State PTA

Washington State School Directors Association

Local Education Associations

Bellevue Education Association

Edmonds Education Association

Federal Way Education Association

Franklin Pierce Education Association

Gray Middle School PTA

Kent Education Association

Lake Washington Education Association

Olympia Education Association

Sammamish Uniserv Council

Tahoma Education Association

University Place Education Association

WEA Chinook PEAC

Community and Civil Rights Organizations

Asian Pacific Islanders for Civic Empowerment (APACE)

El Centro de la Raza

Faith Action Network

Japanese-American Citizens League Board

League of Women Voters of Washington

Minority Executive Directors Coalition (MEDC)

NAACP: Alaska/Oregon/Washington State

Area Conference NAACP

Northwest Progressive Institute

Tacoma-Pierce County Black Collective

Washington Community Action Network

Labor Organizations

Aerospace Machinists Industrial District Lodge 751

Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587

IUOE Local 609 (Operating Engineers)

Martin Luther King Central Labor Council

Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity

Pierce County Central Labor Council

SEIU Healthcare 775 NW

SEIU Healthcare 1199 NW

SEIU State Council

SEIU Local 925



Washington Federation of State Employees

Washington State Council of Firefighters

Washington State Labor Council

Political Organizations

Washington State Democratic Party

Clark County Democrats

Eastside Democratic Women (East King County)

Lewis County Democratic Central Committee

Lewis County Democrats

King County Democrats

Mason County Democrats

Metropolitan Democratic Club

Pierce County Democrats

Pierce County Young Democrats

San Juan Central Democratic Committee

Skagit County Democrats

Young Democrats of Skagit County

Whatcom County Democrats

Whatcom County Young Democrats

1st Legislative District Democrats

5th Legislative District Democrats

10th Legislative District Democrats

11th Legislative District Democrats

18th Legislative District Democrats

20th Legislative District Democrats

21st Legislative District Democrats

22nd Legislative District Democrats

23rd Legislative District Democrats

27th Legislative District Democrats

32nd Legislative District Democrats

33rd Legislative District Democrats

34th Legislative District Democrats

36th Legislative District Democrats

37th Legislative District Democrats

38th Legislative District Democrats

39th Legislative District Democrats

40th Legislative District Democrats

41st Legislative District Democrats

43rd Legislative District Democrats

44th Legislative District Democrats

45th Legislative District Democrats

46th Legislative District Democrats

48th Legislative District Democrats

49th Legislative District Democrats

Committee to Elect Dawn Morrell

State Legislators

Luis Moscoso, 1st District State Representative

Derek Stanford, 1st District State Representative

LIsa Brown, 3rd District State Senator

Timm Ormsby, 3rd District State Representative

Zack Hudgins, 11th District State Representative

Bob Hasegawa, 11th District State Representative

Velma Veloria, 11th District State Representative (former)

Dean Takko, 19th District State Representative

Marko Liias, 21st District State Representative

Mary Helen Roberts, 21st District State Representative

Chris Reykdal, 22 District State Representative

Sam Hunt, 22nd District State Representative

Christine Rolfes, 23rd district State Senator

Sherry Appleton, 23rd District State Representative

Steve Tharinger, 24th District State Representative

Laurie Jinkins, 27th District State Representative

Jeannie Darneille, 27th District State Representative

Steve Conway, 29th District State Senator

Steve Kirby, 29th District State Representative

Maralyn Chase, 32nd District, State Senator

Cindy Ryu, 32nd District State Representative

Ruth Kagi, 32nd District State Representative

Karen Keiser, 33rd District State Senator

Tina Orwall, 33rd District State Representative

Dave Upthegrove, 33rd District State Representative

Joe Fitzgibbon, 34th District State Representative

Sharon Nelson, 34th District State Senator

Kathy Haigh, 35th District Representative

Jeanne Kohl-Welles, 36th Disctrict State Senator

Adam Kline, 37th District State Senator

Sharon Tomiko Santos, 37th District State Representative

Nick Harper, 38th District State Senator

Mike Sells, 38th District State Representative

John McCoy, 38th District State Representative

Kevin Ranker, 40th District State Senator

Kris Lytton, 40th District State Representative

Marcie Maxwell, 41st District State Representative

Ed Murray, 43rd District State Senator

Jamie Pedersen, 43rd District State Representative

Gerry Pollet, 46th District State Representative

Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney, 46th District State Representative

Geoff Simpson, 47th District State Representative (former)

Jim Moeller, 49th District State Representative

Local Government and Elected Officials

Joe McDermott, King County Council Member

John Stokes, Bellevue City Council

Tana Senn, Mercer Island City Council

Carol Simpson, Newcastle City Council

Ed Prince, Renton City Council

Greg Taylor, Renton City Council

Tom Vance, Sammamish City Council

Sally Clark, Seattle City Council

Jean Godden, Seatlle City Council

Bruce Harrell, Seattle City Council

Nick Licata, Seattle City Council

Rob Holland, Port of Seattle Commissioner

Will Hall, Shoreline City Council

Chris Roberts, Shoreline City Council

Stephanie Wright, Snohomish County Council

Marty Campbell, Tacoma City Council

Anders Ibsen, Tacoma City Council

Ryan Mello, Tacoma City Council


Dr. Wayne Au, University of Washington professor and editor of Rethinking Multicultural Education

Cynthia Omdal Brune, President, Sedro-Woolley Education Association

Judy Busch, retired Principal, Maplewood Heights Elementary School

Jamie Devereaux, Gray Middle School PTA, President

Linda Hanson, former President, Washington State PTA

Deborah Heart, legislative representative to Goldendale School District & Former President, WSSDA

Julia Lacey, President, Northshore School Board of Directors

David Johnston, President, Olympia Education Association

Jonathan Knapp, President, Seattle Education Association

Kathy Leviton, Program Director, Renton Technical College

Tani Lindquist, President, Mercer Island Education Association

Jim Martin, Former Assistant To Superintendent – Battle Ground & Former President Evergreen School Board Evergreen School District

Marilyn McGuire, National Education Leadership Consultant

Michele Miller, President, Bellevue Education Association

Scott Mitchell, President, Tahoma Education Association

Kate Phillips, WEA UniServ Representative

Jeffery Russell, President, Everett Public Schools Board of Directors

Cherilyn Tate, President, WFSE/AFSCME 341

Kevin Teeley, President, Lake Washington Education Association

Margaret West, President, AFT 2454

Oh yeah, and me,

Dora Taylor, parent, teacher, Co-Editor of Seattle Education, Founding Member of Parents Across America and Board Director-Parents Across America.

For the most up to date list, go to No on charters 1240.