Scrap the MAP! Rally Tomorrow, January 23rd

Educators, parents and students are opposing the MAP test at many Seattle schools at this time.


· The test isn’t based on school curriculum or state standards. It does not test critical thinking or creativity.

· The test is being misused for student placement and evaluating teachers, despite the testmaker’s warnings against this.

· The data is inconsistent and undependable (predicted errors are greater than expected student gains).

· Students do not take it seriously because they know it is a joke. Most do worse when tested the second time.

· The test is a waste of students’ learning time and school resources.

· The test is described by the State Auditor’s office as an ethics violation. It is.

· Every student is treated as a number. They are much more complex than this and deserve better. We all do.

Enough is Enough

Support the resistance to this test.

Join educators, parents, students and the community at a rally to end the MAP test.

Hear the stories. Join the movement.

Wednesday January 23rd, 2013 at 4:00 PM

The John Stanford Center 2445 3rd Ave S in SODO