This is part 2 in a series on what’s going on in the great state of Michigan. What’s happening in Utica, MI happened in Seattle and just might happen in your neck of the woods if it hasn’t already.

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Part 2: Edu$hyster of the Week: Tim Quinn of Michigan

Tim Quinn, center, at Broad soiree.
Tim Quinn, center, at Broad soiree.

Although his name isn’t wildly popular or even moderately recognized, Tim Quinn has made a significant mark on Utica Community Schools. In 1997, Tim Quinn founded the Michigan Learning Institute, a private consulting firm that specializes in finding and hiring Superintendents. In 1999, Tim Quinn partnered on the creation of The Broad Center for the Management of School Systems and the Broad Superintendents Academy. The Superintendents Academy specializes in Superintendent training.

In 2002, Tim Quinn recruited Christine Johns to attend the Broad Superintendents Academy.  She graduated from the unaccredited academy in 2004.  In 2006, Quinn’s private business, the Michigan Leadership Institute was commissioned by Utica Schools to find a Superintendent. The Institute placed Christine Johns as Superintendent, preserving her legacy as one of the highest compensated government officials in the state of Michigan.

Carol Klenow
Carol Klenow

As the managing Director of Alumni Services at the Broad School Academy, Quinn is in charge of finding placements for ALL Broad Superintendent Academy graduates.  In 2006, Carol Klenow and Utica Community Schools commissioned Tim Quinn’s private firm, The Michigan Leadership Institute, to conduct a “fair and open” search for a new Superintendent.  After reviewing the relationship parallels of Quinn and his associates, it would appear that a fair and open search was not conducted for the placement of a Superintendent. Tim Quinn had a special interest in seeing that Christine Johns was placed in the second largest district in the state of Michigan. His business, the Michigan Leadership Institute, would receive compensation for the placement of his hand-picked Broad Academy graduate. At the same time, he would fulfill his duties as the Managing Director of Alumni/Network Services at the Broad Superintendent Academy and ensure the placement for one of his carefully selected Broad School alumni.

Why did Carol Klenow select Quinn to conduct the Superintendent “search”?  Quinn’s endeavors in educational business did not begin with Johns and Broad. In 1999, Tim Quinn helped create Michigan’s first virtual learning academy. This fledgling operation is now The Michigan Virtual University and has expanded to include Michigan Virtual Learning School, which services high school and junior high home-schooled children. Coincidentally, Carol Klenow is the current Program Administrator for the tax- payer funded Oakland County Virtual Learning Academy, which services home-schooled children. Did Carol Klenow consult Tim Quinn regarding who to hire as Utica Superintendent so that she would be able find the candidate who would best help her and Quinn build their Michigan virtual learning empire?

Christine Johns
Christine Johns

Tim Quinn also founded the Michigan Supes Academy, which is a branch of the Michigan Leadership Institute. The Supes Academy specializes in training prospective administrators. Quinn hires many “Broad School Superintendents” to be instructors and to sit on the Board of Directors/Advisors for the Supes Academy.  Christine Johns is a current instructor and is on the Board of Advisors for the Michigan Leadership Institute’s Supes Academy. The private company, Michigan Leadership Institute, also specializes in human resource services such as training and bargaining.  Christine Johns is currently contracting the Michigan Leadership Institute to carry out human resource services at a significant cost to the taxpayers and students. Why would the Utica Community Schools Board of Education allow Christine Johns to work for the same institute that placed her in Utica Schools?  Why would the UCS school board allow for her to use district time to work for the same private institute that was commissioned to place her in Utica Schools? Why would the school board allow for Christine Johns to contract that same institute, at the expense of the tax-payers, to conduct human resource services for the district?


The answers are simple. All parties get paid at the expense of the tax-payers and students.  Quinn is the proprietor or partner of many businesses that thrive through taxpayer and student dollars.  Klenow commissions Quinn’s private company, the Michigan Leadership Institute, to find a Superintendent candidate who will support the creation of virtual learning for homeschooled children.  Superintendent Johns is chosen by the Michigan Leadership Institute and receives one the highest compensation packages received by any government executive in the state of Michigan.  Carol Klenow becomes the leader of the Oakland County Virtual Learning Academy for homeschooled children.  Following in the footsteps of her mentor, Klenow opens her own Human Resource Consulting firm, Oakridge Consulting Services LLC, which specializes in hiring school administrators.  In 2010, Klenow is also hired by School Exec Connect, which specializes in the hiring of School Administrators.  Like Quinn, Klenow has the power to place administrators that support virtual learning into all districts across the state. Utica Superintendent, Christine Johns, is chosen to work for Quinn’s Michigan Leadership Institute.  Superintendent John’s currently works for and serves on the Advisors Board for the Supes Academy, a branch of the Michigan Leadership Institute.  She is sent all over the country to train administrators on the “Broad School” approach.  Christine Johns, in turn, rewards the Michigan Leadership Institute to conduct Human Resource activities. Christine Johns rewarded the same company that placed her into Utica Community Schools and obtained her services within the company. She has forged a codependent relationship with the organization that affords her financial opportunities as she feeds their cash cow.

Edu$hysters: So much money, so little time.

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The authors are anonymous from Parents Across Utica Community Schools.

This post was edited by Dora Taylor.