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Tonight: Public Forum Race, MAP tests, and privatization: the fight for equality in public education


Public Forum

Race, MAP tests, and privatization:

the fight for equality in public education

Wednesday, February 20, 7:00pm

New Freeway Hall, 5018 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle

Bring your thoughts and opinions to a public forum with

Special guest speaker Dr. Steven Strauss

Dr. Strauss is a Baltimore-area neurologist and a Ph.D. linguistics scholar. As a speaker and writer on education issues, he brings an anti-capitalist analysis and the passion of a parent with two children educated in public schools. In 2011 he marched with Save Our Schools in Washington, D.C., to protest corporatization and high-stakes testing.

Also featuring Matt Carter

Carter is a 4th/5th grade teacher and one of 12 staff members at Orca K-8 who are boycotting the MAP test. He is a shop steward for the Seattle Education Association and a member of Social Equality Educators. As the parent of a son and a daughter at Orca, he has opted them out of the MAP test as well.

Door donation $3, students $1, snacks served at 6:30pm for a $4 donation

Sponsor: Freedom Socialist Party

For information 206-722-2453 or

To request childcare please call three days in advance.

Read Dr. Strauss’ April 2011 article  “;Save Our Schools: Teachers initiate July march and days of action in Washington, D.C.”

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