Over the past five years, Sue and I have followed the NCTQ since they first appeared in Seattle during our Broad superintendent’s reign when she had a report “created”, paid for by Bill Gates and Eli Broad, on those lazy, worthless teachers, referred to as “Human Capitol” in the report, and how they need merit pay waved in front of them to get our students into shape. The report came out just before the Seattle teachers’ union, the Seattle Education Association, was to negotiate their contract.

By the way, their report, specifically tailored for Seattle, looks surprisingly like reports done for other districts around the country. Hmm.

Well, news has it that they’re at it again and are producing another report about Seattle teachers just before the teachers’ contract is up for negotiation again. Coincidence? I think not.

To get readers up to speed on NCTQ and how their reports pertain to Seattle and beyond, here’s the rundown:

We’ll start with a post I wrote about the NCTQ dog and pony show when they came to Seattle:

The Alliance for Education and the NCTQ study

Then Sue, I and others pieced together the puzzle of what was happening in Seattle and other school districts around the country. A piece of that puzzle was the activity of NCTQ. That information was provided in a post titled:

The Lines of Influence in Education Reform

Then a parent sent me a well-researched piece on the NCTQ which we published in 2011 titled:

The Fordham Institute and the National Council on Teacher Quality: Manipulating Teacher Layoffs (and union busting?)

In 2011 another NCTQ was trotted out picking on Colleges of Education:

Kate Walsh, the NCTQ and US News and World Report

And then in 2012, NCTQ popped up again as described in the post:

A look at KIPP, Michael Feinberg, NCTQ and Bill Gates

It will be interesting to see what this new NCTQ report looks like. Will it be the same report with minor revisions? Will it look like all of the other reports that NCTQ has produced for Bill Gates and the Broad Foundation?

We’ll let you know.

Dora Taylor

Post Script:

Here are links to additional information on NCTQ: