resist the test

The crisis in US education is not general and national. It is concentrated where there is poverty and segregation. Testing does not address either problem.

-Diane Ravitch

Would you like to learn more about what tests will be administered to your child in the Seattle Public School District, from kindergarten through 12th grade (See page 3 of this document to see how many hours of standardized testing your child will take this year.), and how to opt-out of those that are not necessary for graduation?

Do you have a testing experience with your student(s) that other caregivers and parents would benefit from hearing, or would you like to listen to the concerns and questions parents of Seattle Public School students have, to find common ground?

Join us for an informative meeting.  All are welcome!

Thursday, December 11, 2014
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Harbor Pointe Coffeehouse
2818 East Madison Street

For additional information on standardized tests, see What’s wrong with standardized tests?

For more on the opt out movement, see United Opt Out for opt out letter forms and other information for Washington State and Stop Common Core in Washington State.

Also check out the following Facebook pages:

There are more Facebook pages about opting out. This will give you a start.
This is my recommended reading list on standardized testing and opting out:
Dora Taylor