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Seattle Opt Out Meeting 
Tuesday, February 10, at
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
In the Meeting Room of the Beacon Hill Library
2821 Beacon Ave. South
Seattle, 98144
“If the [opt out] movement only rolls back the tests without winning better alternatives, proponents of testing will use the vacuum to reassert the primacy of standardized exams…the movement must be ready with well developed options.” 
Monty Neill, executive director of FairTest.
    Garfield High School teacher Rachel Eells will talk about the New York Performance Standards Consortium. Ms.Eells will share what the Garfield teachers have been learning through their collaboration with the New York Consortium.
    As the opt out movement goes forward it is imperative that there are alternative options offered. Authentic assessment forms such as portfolios, performance tasks, projects, observations and peer-reviewed materials are viable alternatives, and it is important at this time to become familiar with them.
    This promises to be a very informative evening.