Join the Parents Across America Webinar Monday March 2 at 8 pm EST: The Impact of Poverty, Race and Cultural Bias on Educational Opportunity.

Given the current state of racial tension in the US, and the fact that more than half of our public school children now live in poverty, this webinar will add relevant data to set the context for a candid discussion about the ways that race and poverty impact educational opportunity for the majority of our children, and what it will take to provide them with an equitable, high-quality education.

Our featured guests will be:

Paul Thomas who is an Associate Professor of Education at Furman University. PL Thomas taught high school English in rural South Carolina before moving to teacher education. Recent books include Ignoring Poverty in the U.S. the Corporate Takeover of Public Education, Numbers Games: Measuring and Mandating American Education, Parental Choice?: A Critical Reconsideration of Choice and the Debate about Choice, and 21st Century Literacy: If We Are Scripted, Are We Literate? co-authored with Renita Schmidt. He maintains a blog addressing the role of poverty in education, Living and Learning in Poverty.

His teaching and scholarship focus on literacy and the impact of poverty on education, as well as confronting the political dynamics influencing public education in the U.S. His work can be followed at the becoming radical.

PL Thomas has also written some excellent op-ed’s on truthout.

I had the great pleasure of hearing Paul Thomas talk about race and poverty recently and he has much to share. I highly recommend hearing what he has to say.

Nathan Harris is the owner of Wise Energy LLC in Indianapolis, IN. Most recently, Nate was a Project Director for Upward Bound at Indiana University: a US DOE funded program designed to provide college readiness services to high school students that are low-income and potential first generation college graduates. Recent Community Involvement includes the Marion County Commission on Youth (MCCOY), the Indiana Coalition for Public Education, 100 Black Men Team Mentoring, Norm Brown Scholar Mentoring, and Hoosiers for Public Ed.

Mr. Harris is a Board Director for Parents Across America.

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Examples of op-ed’s PL Thomas has written:

Teflon, Fatalism, and Accountability

Secretary Duncan and the Politics of White Outrage

Zombies, “Scarcity,” and Understanding Poverty

Aren’t All Children Equally Deserving?

What We Know Now (and How It Doesn’t Matter)

Education Reform in the New Jim Crow Era

Remembering Howard Zinn by Meditating on Teacher Unions and Tenure?

James Baldwin, Lisbeth Salander and the Rise of the Police State in Some Children’s Schools

The Arrogance of Privilege

Dora Taylor