From Truth in American Education:

190,836 Students Opt-Out of New York’s ELA Assessment

A New York-based Opt-Out advocacy group called United to Counter the Core reports that 190,836 students as of the time of this writing opted out of last week’s Common Core-aligned state ELA assessment with just under 76% of school districts accounted for.  This is an major increase from last year with 49,000 students opting out.

The math assessment which starts today with reports from a little more than 19% of school districts counted so far has seen 62,173 students opt-out.

Incredible…. Arne Duncan in the meantime is having a conniption fit.


More on our own State Superintendent Randy Dorn’s conniption fit tomorrow. Again, more “Truthiness in Education”. Stay tuned.

For now, read The Common Core SBAC: Separating fact from fiction, the top ten FAQ’s and answers about opting out and State Superintendent Randy Dorn’s “interpretation” of the Common Core SBAC testing and opting out: Truthiness in education.

Dora Taylor