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Seattle Council PTSA supports the Seattle Education Association teacher walk-out, well, sort of

SCPTSA.logo.white_on_blueTo follow is the Resolution that was passed by the Seattle Council PTSA:

Whereas, these are unprecedented times in Washington state’s history as the State is in contempt of court for failing to comply with the Supreme Court’s orders in the McCleary decision and meet the constitutional mandate of amply funding basic education;

Whereas, the Seattle Education Association (SEA) has called a one day walk out on May 19, 2015 “to strike for one day to protest the state legislature’s failure to fund 1351 and McCleary, it’s attempt to take away our right to bargain over our wages and healthcare, and to insert test scores into our evaluations;”

Whereas, the Seattle Council of Parent, Teachers and Student Associations (SCPTSA) counts teachers as valued and important members and voices of our PTAs and education system.

Whereas, the Seattle Council of Parent Teachers and students holds as its #1 legislative priority “Ample funding of K-12 basic education per the McCleary decision; with increases in revenue orchestrated in a progressive, equitable, and sustainable manner;”

Whereas, SCPTSA is guided by Washington State Parent Teacher Association’s (WSPTA) legislative platform and resolutions:

Whereas, WSPTA Resolution 18.6 states that WSPTA “will not support work stoppages and/or strikes which interrupt or disrupt the educational day;”

Whereas, WSPTA’s #1 legislative priority is: “In the 2015-16 Legislative Biennium, the Washington State PTA shall initiate and / or support legislation / policies that fulfill the promise of ample funding basic education as defined by the legislature in HB 2261 and 2776. Legislation and policies should not divest funding for health and human services, higher education or early learning programs, nor should it simply redistribute existing education funding sources. After years of cuts that have diminished opportunities for kids, we need a solution that addresses Washington State’s outdated and inequitable tax system. We need new revenue as part of the solution to our education shortfalls. We recommend options that: • Raise significant revenue for education. We need billions more in education funding and that simply can’t be done with budget cuts or gimmicks. • Are progressive and equitable. Washington has the most regressive tax structure in the country. We need to reform our system so that everyone contributes their fair share.”

Whereas, WSPTA resolution 18.6 and both SCPTSA and WSPTA number one legislative priorities potentially create confusion about the SCPTSA position on the SEA walk out on May 19, 2015;

Therefore, be it resolved that SCPTSA affirms our advocacy of “Ample funding of K-12 basic education per the McCleary decision; with increases in revenue orchestrated in a progressive, equitable, and sustainable manner;”

And be it further resolved that while we do not advocate for disruptions to the education day, we support our teachers and demand the Legislature to meet their paramount duty. 


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