Jonathan Knapp, President of the Seattle Education Association (SEA), continually points the blame of resistance to the teachers’ demands at the Seattle School Board in his Bargaining Updates, but maybe Knapp just needs a little lesson in civics, albeit very local civics.

This is how it goes. The SEA bargaining team meets with school district staff. Superintendent Nyland and the school board are consulted but never in the room with the SEA bargaining team.

The school board members provide input along with the superintendent but the proposals put forth by the district are coming from district staff not the board.

Before Knapp once again points a finger at the school board for being at fault for the stall in negotiations, he should consider that there are 7 individuals on the board with their own views of the teachers’ demand, they do not move as one or think as one.

And where is Superintendent Nyland in this equation? He is very much a part of this process as well.

So is Knapp saying Nyland is agreeing to all of the teachers’ demands but the school board is not? That it’s all the school boards fault? I seriously doubt it but that’s what Knapp seems to want you to believe.

Dora Taylor