Dangling carrot

So, because the charter school operators opened charter schools before a judgement came down from the Supreme Court and they refuse to allow public oversight of their charter chains although they would be using millions of taxpayer dollars as they see fit, they have decided to hold adequately funding all public schools hostage because they didn’t get their way.

This from State Representative Chad Magendanz Facebook page:

Chad Magendanz

Chad Magendanz Let me be clear: The biggest political obstacle to wrapping up McCleary right now is a charter school fix. If the Speaker won’t allow a vote, McCleary doesn’t have a chance. Is the teachers union willing to risk $3 billion per biennium just so that 1300 at-risk kids have fewer options?

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Mr. Magendanz is not a friend of public education.

For those who don’t know who Representative Chad Magendanz is, he has been funded for the last six years by Stand for Children and the Gates funded League of Education Voters (LEV).

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It will be another interesting legislative session in January.

Dora Taylor