Fueled by statements of hatred and bigotry spewed by Donald Trump and echoed by others including the mainstream press who consider it infotainment for the masses, some folks who want desperately to feel they’re better than anyone else, have decided to come out of the closet with their ignorance and stupidity.

In Seattle, some hate group, who no one is familiar with, posted they were planning a march and rally today in Ballard and Capitol Hill. So far, as of 7:00 PM this evening, there is no news that these events took place.

But, in response to the rumor, the Garfield High School Black Student Union issued a statement on their Facebook page. It reads as follows:

It has been brought to the attention of the Garfield High School Black Student Union that a “White Power March” organized by a Neo-Nazi skinhead group will be held today, December 6th, in Ballard, WA and the Capitol Hill area. This march serves as another reminder of the constant injustices done to black and brown people in America, and that we definitely do not live in a “post-racial society”. It represents a greater system that creates a culture of fear, trauma, and oppression. Let’s not forget “white power” exists in our governments, justice and education systems. Their power is rooted in the pain, suffering, and death of our ancestors, which they still continue to benefit from today.

As black youth, our goal is to fight against these systems that continue to terrorize our people and communities. We believe that through activism and education we can create our own power–a power that is strong enough to fight the systems that were built to suppress us. We stand to bring power to Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Sandra Bland, John Crawford III, Tanisha Anderson and the countless others who’ve lost their lives to “white power”. We encourage you to join us in denouncing these childish and disgusting displays of “white power” and to celebrate the resilience and strength of black power.