Person dumping money into a toilet bowl

In response to my post on the Broad Foundation spending millions to force the Los Angeles Unified School District into converting at least 50% of public schools in the district into charter schools, a Seattle teacher posted the following.

All of the information cited can be found online at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Awarded Grants page.

Can you imagine how our public schools could benefit from such a largesse?

From my Facebook page:

Sounds suspiciously like the Gates Foundation spending at least $52,000,000 trying to force charters down our state’s throat in the last three years. I recently looked at Gates grants, and these are the ones directly tied to WA (certainly there is other Gates funding directed at WA, but buried in other grants to national orgs, etc.) Just as in LA, this money goes to building charter infratructure and influencing the legislature and the public.

Summit Schools – to provide support to Summit Schools, CREATE [caps mine] Summit Washington and LAUNCH two charter 9-12s and one charter 6-12 – $8,000,000

Pacific Charter School Development, Inc – to support facility needs of WA charters – $4,000,000

Washington State Charter Assoc.- to support charters in WA – $6,350,000 (2014)

WSCSA – to build capacity for charters $4,200,000 (2013)

Puget Sound Educational Service District – consult on SpEd in charters – $250,000

PSESD – to support the development and implementation of and to provide back office support and operations support services for WA charters – $200,000

Craft3, Ilwaco WA (?!) – to support charter school facility development for low income children – $2,000,000

Washington Charter School Development, Inc, Seattle – to support the facility needs of charters in WA – $19,813,088

Spokane School District – build capacity to serve charters – $525,000

UW Foundation – to provide support for district/charter compacts – $1,900,000

Seneca Family of Agencies WA – to provide SpEd services to charters – $750,000

Seneca Family of Agencies WA – to develop integrated systems of support for at-risk students in WA charter schools – $200,000

Charter Board Partners – support expansion of their work in WA – $750,000

Charter Board Partners – to expand into WA – $500,000

League of Education Voters – to support the formation of an independent [cough] WA charter school organization (2013) – $800,000

LEV – To support a public awareness campaign and create support for WA charters (2011) – $1,800,000

UW Center for Reinventing Public Education – to provide oversight of district/charter collaboration compacts (2011) $600,000

Washington State Charter Assoc. 2014 – $850,000

League of Education Voters 2013 – $250,000

UW Center for Reinventing Public Education 2012 – $750,000