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“I’m just frustrated that we can spend all this time and passion talking about what we want to do for a handful of schools, when I am frustrated that we do not do the job we’re supposed to do for all the schools in the state.” 

Sen. Dean Takko, D-Longview

Some state legislators worked really hard to pass a bill to fund charter schools where approximately 800 students are enrolled even though charter schools have been ruled unconstitutional in Washington State. The two legislators who pushed it the hardest, both Republicans, were Senator Steve Litzow and Representative Chad Magendanz (aka Charter School Chad).

And, by the way, the Supreme Court is holding the State Legislators in contempt of court for not meeting their “Paramount Duty” of adequately funding public schools.

But, big donors must come first, at least for some of these Democrats.

  1. Clibborn-D, 41st-Mercer Island (and Mercer Island will never see a charter school let alone a minority community.)
  2. Hurst-D, 31st-Enumclaw
  3. Kagi-D, 32nd-Seattle/Shoreline (Hmmm, folks in her district thought she was a Democrat.)
  4. Lytton-D, 40th-Anacortes
  5. Morris-D, 40th-San Juan Islands (Really?! I don’t see a minority community there desperately wanting a charter school. Is there even any minority community there?)
  6. Pettigrew-D, 37th-Seattle (Bought)
  7. Sawyer-D, 29th-Lakewood
  8. Senn-D, 41st-Mercer Island (Ditto from above.)
  9. Springer-D, 45th-Redmond
  10. Sullivan-D, 47th-Kent, Covington, Auburn
  11. Senator Mullet-D, 5th-Issaquah (a mostly white suburb of Seattle)
  12. Senator Hobbs- D, 44th-Lake Stevens

The “Dirty Dozen”.

So it’s back to court. The Washington State Education Association along with at least one former plaintiff, Dr. Wayne Au, will be going back to court for a ruling on the constitutionality of charter schools being supported with public money.

To view the roll call vote for the House go to Access Washington.

To view the roll call vote for the Senate, go to Access Washington.

Stay tuned.

Dora Taylor

Post Script:

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Post Script 2: Some of the Democrats named above need to be replaced.