Being African American, I have seen and heard many things in my life, many times because most people don’t know my heritage and speak freely of others who are different.

Early in my life there were Ku Klux Klan rallies in the south. No one stirred, protested, or decried the racism. It was expected and as a family we mourned the ignorance of others.

When I heard about the actions in Charlottesville I was horrified. The deadly violence towards others in this circumstance is beyond my comprehension. An innocent woman killed while protesting racism and bigotry is unforgivable.

My second thought though, was that fifty years ago you would not have seen protesters decrying this display of bigotry and ignorance or hundreds of vigils around the country in response to the violence perpetrated by those who hate others simply for looking different.

As we remain shocked by this incident in Charlottesville, I think about how far we have come in my lifetime. People actively showing their disagreement with racism, standing toe to toe with others in the streets, marches, vigils, the public outcry…this didn’t happen decades ago but it is happening now and for that I am grateful.

Know that I and many others feel deeply appreciative of the support by so many from every walk of life.

There are at least 400 gatherings held around the country today, you can find one in your area and show your support and mourn the death of an innocent victim.

Dora Taylor