Hello to all,

With COVID-19 creating havoc in many ways on our lives, I may be of value to some parents who, while their students are out of school, may want additional academic support.

I have been teaching Architecture 101 classes for almost 20 years and began offering online courses several years ago.

Now that I live in Portugal, my geographic range of students not only includes the US but also Canada, the EU, the UK and South Africa.

I teach one-on-one with students in real time, as I would if teaching in my studio, and can also offer classes for two or more students via a conference line.

One of the benefits of the classes is that the subject draws on math, history and social studies, reinforcing what the student is learning in school.

For more on me and the classes I offer, please see Architecture 101 for Kids and Teens.

If you have any questions, please send an email to dora.taylor@icloud.com. We can also talk via WhatsApp, Messenger or any other app you prefer.

My best to everyone as we go through these trying times.