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ames Heckman, University of Chicago economics professor, Arthur Rolnick, senior researcher at the Minneapolis Federal Reserve, big data and the surveillance state, Blockchain, Blockchain sovereign identity, Chicago Child-Parent Centers, Chicago Longitudinal Study, Commission on Evidence-Based Policy Making, Decentralized Identifier (DID), early childhood education, economic precocity, financialization, Goldman Sachs, high quality preschool, High/Scope Perry Preschool Study, Human Capital Performance Bonds or HuCaps, Human Capital Research Collaborative in the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Internet of Things, Investing in Kids Working Group, Milton Friedman, Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank, Minnesota Early Learning Foundation, Money Ball for Government, Northern Trust, outcomes-based contracting, Pay for Performance, Pay for Success, Pay for Success and Big Data, Pew Charitable Trusts, predictive analytics, predictive profile, Preschool, Pritzker, ReadyNation, Rob Grunewald, regional economic analyst, Robert Dugger, financial policy analyst and venture capitalist, Rothschild - "Non Non-Profit", Rothschild-Invest in Outcomes, San Francisco Federal Reserve, social impact bonds, social impact investing, The Invisible Heart - documentary, Twin Cities RISE!, WePlaySmart - smart tables

Making Childhood Pay: Arthur Rolnick, Steven Rothschild, and ReadyNation

Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundaton, Common Education Data Standards, Council for a Strong America, data-driven pre-k, development impact bonds, early childhood education, Girl Scouts, Goldman Sachs, high quality preschool, KPMG, Learn Capital, Massachusetts Business Roundtable, Non-profits and NGOs, Omidyar Network, outcomes-based contracting, Pay for Success, Pre-K, Preschool, ReadyNation, San Francisco Federal Reserve, social impact bonds, Sorenson Media, The Front Project (formerly ReadyNation Australia), UNICEF, Universal PreK, World Bank - Global Education Reform

Pre-K Profit: ReadyNation Hosts Global Business Leaders in New York City this November