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Charter Schools

In this category, there are the following articles, video’s and posts:

What is a charter school?

This is the analysis that Sue and I have developed after reviewing the material about charter school over the last three years.

Are charter schools public or private? Neither or both?

This is an article that discusses the pitfalls of describing charter schools as public schools.

The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman

This film refutes the claims of the billionaire hedge fund propaganda movie Waiting For Superman.

A must watch.

Charter Management Organizations (CMO’s) and Education Management Organizations (EMO’s)

This article describes the for-profit organizations that manage charter schools.

Firing day at a charter school

A teacher’s perspective on his experience teaching in a charter school.

The Shock Doctrine

This introduction written by Naomi Klein in her book the Shock Doctrine describes the mind-set of Bill Gates, Eli Broad, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and the corporate reformers when it comes to the privatization of the American public school system.




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