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KIPP Charter Chain

Guess who with two KIPP students. Is this how they dress at Lakeside? Short answer: No.
Guess who with two KIPP students. Is this how they dress at Lakeside? Short answer: No.*

*To understand how KIPP is different from Lakeside, where Bill Gates attended school, see Bill Gates tells us why *his* high school was a great learning environment.

The KIPP Charter Chain

I have been filing links regarding KIPP for the last few years and decided to post them now as an archive.

When the charter school initiative was pushed by Gates and the Walton’s, KIPP was one of the names bandied about as an example of what a charter school should look like.

Unfortunately, Alice Walton and Bil Gates never looked past the “data” to see that students with disabilities, students who did not know English very well, if at all, and students who displayed behavioral problems in the classroom, were kicked back into public schools, therefore the “miracle” of higher test scores and high graduation rates. Instead Gates and Walton poured millions of dollars in the state of Washington to pay for ad campaigns, as any corporation would, to get what they wanted.

What we have now is the attempted corporate takeover of our public schools. The initiative passed but it is now in the state court with plaintiffs questioning the constitutionality of charter schools in our state.

To follow is the truth about KIPP schools, and charter schools in general:

From Seattle Education posts:

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From other sources:

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