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What we never mention

    We speak of poverty which is devastating, it brings hunger, homelessness, ill health and an inability to focus in the classroom, but we have not spoken about the … Continue reading

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The right-wing propaganda machine Project Veritas is now going after teachers and their unions

The right wing attack dogs, Project Veritas, the group that took down ACORN and went after Planned Parenthood, is now targeting teachers and teachers’ unions. They “exposed” the president of the … Continue reading

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The Community Schools Initiative in New York: A common sense approach

Part of the challenge in turning around schools is that outside-of-school factors likely account for twice as much of the variance in student outcomes as do inside-of-school factors.5 Accordingly, the … Continue reading

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Charter schools: Separate and unequal in Detroit

A ‘Caste System’ of Schools From the New York Times: A Sea of Charter Schools in Detroit Leaves Students Adrift On the face of it, Ana Rivera could have had almost … Continue reading

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Wayne Au, PhD: How a whiter Seattle creates more education inequities

Dr. Wayne Au is an Associate Professor of Education at the School of Educational Studies at University of Washington, Bothell, and an editor for Rethinking Schools, a magazine focused on … Continue reading

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There’s a reason I’ve been off the internets for a while

My first grandchild Oliver Lachlan McCuen There will be no Common Core for this child or high stakes testing. My daughter determined that before Oliver was born. Things have settled … Continue reading

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Opposition to the Common Core now has bipartisan support in Washington State

From Truth in American Education: Washington State GOP Supports Student Privacy, Opposes Common Core The Washington State Republicans passed a student privacy resolution at their recent state convention last month in … Continue reading

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Students’ rights in charter schools: There aren’t many

From edushyster at Signing their rights away A series of court rulings suggests that students who attend charter schools do not have the same rights as public school students. … Continue reading

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The ESSA: A renewed attack on parents’ and students’ rights

Reposted from   The education deform empire strikes back by Marilena Marchetti The battle over high-stakes testing and the future of public education is back in play after the … Continue reading

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How all children can succeed…and it’s not about charter schools or constant testing

From the Washington State Budget and Policy Center: State of Washington’s Kids 2016, co-published with the Children’s Alliance through our Washington KIDS COUNT partnership, shows that children are better able … Continue reading

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Video: John Nichols & Robert McChesney: “People Get Ready: The Fight Against a Jobless Economy and a Citizenless Democracy”

  We have been losing our democracy incrementally over time. I began to notice it beginning with the corporate reform movement in public education and then began to see the … Continue reading

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ACT study: Common Core, not ready for prime time

Reposted from Truth in American Education: ACT: Common Core Does Not Reflect College Readiness in Some Aspects ACT released a study called the ACT National Curriculum Study that demonstrates, once … Continue reading

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