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A Parent’s Testimony at the Seattle NAACP Press Conference about SBAC testing

  My name is Carolyn Leith and I’m a member of the Seattle Opt Out Group. I’m also a parent of a 3rd grader at Olympic View Elementary. Already, 3rd … Continue reading

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Have you received a robo-call from Ready Washington about the wonders of Common Core Standards and the SBAC? If so, this is why

People around the state are receiving robo-calls from a (Gates backed Teachers United) teacher who was declared “Teacher of the Year” by The Office of the State Superintendent (OSPI) which is headed … Continue reading

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Press conference in Seattle on SBAC testing

Press conference on SBAC testing: Opt Out Movement Biggest in Seattle’s History A gathering of community groups, parents, teachers and students from across Seattle question the equity and validity of … Continue reading

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Which comes first, the Equity Egg or the Accountability Chicken?

This was first published on the website Nonprofit With Balls (NWB) by Seattleite and community activist Vu Le. Vu Le is also the Executive Director of Rainier Valley Corps, a start-up … Continue reading

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Share your SBAC story

    Seattle Education along with Opt Out Seattle and Seattle Equality Educators are compiling stories of experiences teachers have in administering the SBAC, students taking the SBAC and parents … Continue reading

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Basta Ya! A video about opting out in Spanish. Please share.

Padres en Nueva York se unen a un movimiento nacional que rechaza los exámenes estandarizados bajo el nuevo estándar académico conocido como Common Core.     For more information, go … Continue reading

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Pearson and the DOE in NJ, spying on social media of students

One motivation is clear–the more students who take the test, the more Pearson gets paid. This explains a lot about the state’s and the company’s aggressiveness in ensuring as many … Continue reading

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Ingraham High School staff objects to the SBAC

By a vote of 48 to 1, Ingraham staff passed the following resolution: A RESOLUTION OF DISAPPROVAL OF THE Ingraham High School WHEREAS Ingraham High School strives to provide an … Continue reading

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Senators Maralyn Chase and Pam Roach will lead a conference today targeting Common Core Standards

Senators Maralyn Chase (D) and Senator President Pro Tem Pam Roach (R) will lead a bipartisan press conference Thursday afternoon followed by an exposé of the Common Core educational standards … Continue reading

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Pearson and others are exploiting our children by using them to establish the validity, or lack thereof, of the SBAC

The state and school district are spending millions of dollars to buy the copyrighted tests, texts and teaching materials, purchasing computers and setting up the technology to administer the SBAC. … Continue reading

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State Superintendent Randy Dorn’s “interpretation” of the Common Core SBAC testing and opting out: Truthiness in education

The Common Core Standards are not “state led.” They are “Gates led.” What’s in the best interest of the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s (OSPI) State Superintendent Randy … Continue reading

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Four anti high-stakes testing bills pass through the New Jersey State Assembly

An alliance of parent, community and education groups worked together to pass four bills though the state assembly of New Jersey. Three of the bills passed unanimously. Last year, Governor … Continue reading

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