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Wait, what?! Here’s just a few issues that COULD be solved with Superintendent Nyland’s $13,000 Raise.

“My raise is not going to solve any of the issues we have on the table. I’ve done better than anyone else and I will take the smallest raise in … Continue reading

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Obama’s regret: “Taking the joy out of teaching and learning”

Obama’s call to reduce testing to 2% of the school year still requires students to take standardized tests for an outlandish twenty-four hours.  And it isn’t even all the time … Continue reading

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2016 United Opt Out Conference: Transcending Resistance, Igniting Revolution

United Opt Out National Conference Friday, February 26, 2016 Sunday, February 28, 2016 Philadelphia, PA  Transcending Resistance, Igniting Revolution It is time for revolution.   It is time for non-negotiable demands. … Continue reading

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An alternative to high stakes testing works. New York schools have proven it.

71 percent of English language learners in New York Performance Standards Consortium schools graduated on time in 2015, versus 37 percent across New York City, where all but two of the consortium … Continue reading

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Race Curriculum Controversy in Seattle

There was an unfortunate controversy created by one set of parents that surfaced in the press over the last two years about a teacher who educates his students to the … Continue reading

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The Black Box of charter school funding and the disastrous results

From PR Watch: New Finding: What ED Doesn’t Know About Charter School Spending is Stunning  “The waste of taxpayer money—none of us can feel good about,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan … Continue reading

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The NAEP Scores: It doesn’t look like the “education reform” policies are working

…and much to the detriment of millions of students who have spent most of their school years slogging through it. From the National Education Policy Center: NAEPscuses: Making Sense of … Continue reading

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Hillsborough schools to shelve Gates-funded experiment that cost $100M+ to implement

In Seattle we are working on an estimate of the cost of all the standardized tests that are being taken by students in our school district as well as estimating … Continue reading

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A letter to give your principal at the beginning of the school year on testing

…or any time during the school year. From the Parents Across America website: Model Parent Letter on Testing A PAA-Roanoke Valley leader Laura Bowman shared this excellent model letter prepared … Continue reading

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Testimony for the People’s Budget Town Hall in Seattle

The City of Seattle’s newly created Department of Education and Early Learning will spend $235 million over the next seven years on various education initiatives. This money gives the city a … Continue reading

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A Sample Opt Out Letter

Standardized testing has started in Seattle Public Schools. Wondering when your child will be tested? Curious what tests will be given at your school?  Here are the links to the … Continue reading

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PBS News Hour: “Why this Seattle teacher opposes Common Core testing”. A video segment with Jesse Hagopian

PBS News Hour recently came to Seattle to interview Bill Gates about the Common Core Standards. While the crew was here, they also interviewed school teacher Jesse Hagopian.

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