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It’s taking four months to send out results of the COMPUTERIZED Common Core Standards SBAC test. Really.

After millions of dollars in tests, workbooks, texts and technology along with weeks of lost library time and class time, this CCS SBAC test that is to close the achievement … Continue reading

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West Seattle’s Middle College High School is NOT having a protest

Please note: Middle College High School is not, repeat, NOT, having a protest. I have been contacted by staff at Middle College, a school with a focus on social justice, saying … Continue reading

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House Bill 2214 : Randy Dorn is not doing us any favors: Tax dollars for a Common Core Standards PR campaign and more

House Bill 2214: “AN ACT Relating to increasing academic rigor and streamlining 2 assessment requirements for high school students.” Just how far are we going to allow the state to … Continue reading

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Common Core Standards SBAC testing, the bully principal…and more

Public school is based on the the principle of inclusion, not exclusion. Kids are accepted however they arrive through the front door. Different ethnic backgrounds, economic status, personal triumphs or … Continue reading

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Bill Gates funds the media, including the Seattle Times’ Education Lab, then secretly meets with them

I am reposting this piece after an article appeared in the Huffington Post about Education Lab, a relatively new section of the Seattle Times funded by Bill Gates. This post … Continue reading

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Data and the illusion of objectivity

We have some great thinkers and writers in Seattle along with ardent advocates and tireless activists and I like to showcase them as much as possible. To follow is a … Continue reading

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Noam Chomsky on public school privatization in a nutshell

This is what we have seen happen in New Orleans, Chicago, Philadelphia and New York. The following was posted on the Seattle Opt Out Facebook page: . Manufacture Crisis —> … Continue reading

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Green Dot charter schools: A cautionary tale

According to Melissa Westbrook over at the Seattle Schools Community Forum, Green Dot charter school is planning, with the help of Bill Gates, to open a charter school in West … Continue reading

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High-Stakes Testing is a Social Justice Issue

And here is why. 5 Reasons Why High-Stakes Testing Is a Social Justice Issue by Jon Greenberg and Gerardine Carroll Few things please parents more than learning that their children … Continue reading

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The Seattle teachers’ walkout in pictures

The teachers’ walkout occurred on Tuesday, May 19, 2015. For additional information on the strike, see The Seattle Education Association has voted to go on strike and Rolling teachers’ strike in … Continue reading

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Seattle Council PTSA supports the Seattle Education Association teacher walk-out, well, sort of

To follow is the Resolution that was passed by the Seattle Council PTSA: Whereas, these are unprecedented times in Washington state’s history as the State is in contempt of court … Continue reading

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Ten things you need to know about Amplify

1. Amplify is owned by Rupert Murdock of News Corp. Joel Klein, the divisive ex-chancellor of New York City schools, is the leader of News Corp’s education division. 2. Murdock … Continue reading

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