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Seattle Teacher’s Response to DeVos Anti-Science Crusade

This article was originally published in The Progressive. Trump and Devos Ignore Science, but This High School Teacher and His Students Embrace It The announcement on June 1 by President … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Mukilteo School Board: Sometimes Doing the Right Thing Means Breaking the Rules and Allowing Kids to Walk in Graduation with Their Peers.

Dear Mukilteo School Board members, Over the two weeks before our district graduations, I wrote and implored you to allow students who have not yet met standards via these tests … Continue reading

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State Superintendent Chris Reykdal’s Interview with Inside Olympia

Editor’s Note: This is an important interview which slipped under the radar of many parents and educators. In it, State Superintendent Chris Reykdal talks about McCleary and education funding, Plus, … Continue reading

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The Shock Doctrine, McCleary, De-linking Graduation from State Mandated Tests, and State Superintendent Chris Reykdal’s Education Vision

If you don’t have to see or live with the consequences of your decisions, it becomes very easy to do bad things. In Olympia, this is especially true as the … Continue reading

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McCleary Crime Scene: Help Unscramble Governor Inslee and House Speaker Frank Chopp with this Fun Worksheet.

Here at the temporary Olympia branch of TRAP Headquarters, nothing makes our eyes roll like politicians giving lectures on the value of compromise and the McCleary decision. What Governor Inslee … Continue reading

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It’s time for a Human Rights Act

I wrote the following letter today to the Mayor and City Council in Portland, Oregon where I live at this time. To the Mayor of Portland and the City Council, … Continue reading

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Personalized Learning Pathways & the Gig Economy

Individual learning pathways, 21st century skills, Embracing the whole child; These empowering phrases are being used to sell the public on a technology-centric, radical redesign of public education. Why? So … Continue reading

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Seattle Public Schools IT Head John Krull answers our questions…well, sort of

John Krull agreed to answer our questions about what is happening in terms of technology and software programs planned for Seattle Public Schools. As Krull states in his letter of … Continue reading

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Tech Tip o’ the Day for Seattle Public Schools: How to get kids and teachers in front of computers all day

  The following email was brought to my attention today. It was sent to all Seattle Public School staff. From: Cranston, Gary Sent: Tuesday, May 16, 2017 12:35 PM Subject: … Continue reading

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Someone is driving the curriculum in Seattle Public Schools and it’s not educators, parents or the school board

Shortly after publishing a post titled The Seattle school board is asking the question: Where should technology fit into the education of K-12 students? on how the school board wanted … Continue reading

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Why Delinking Graduation from the Smarter Balanced Assessment & Other Tests is the Right Thing to Do.

I am writing to encourage everyone who values the 13 years of hard work completed by students as they reach their senior year to call their state legislators. My request … Continue reading

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The Seattle school board is asking the question: Where should technology fit into the education of K-12 students?

On May 3, 2017, Richard Best, Director of Capital Projects and Planning, and John Krull, Chief Information Officer, stood in front of the Seattle School Board with a proposal for … Continue reading

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