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From Failing Schools Website
October 11, 2010
by Sabrina

You know, the first time I read the manifesto by Klein, Rhee & company, I was pretty disgusted. It seemed like just another bit of heavy-handed propaganda from more or less the same people who are always hamming it up for the cameras to promote their ideologically driven vision for America’s schools.

But then I read it again. This time, I was inspired to join the McGraw family and everyone else cashing in on America’s anxiety about public schooling tidal wave of pro-reform energy currently sweeping our nation. I want to take part in ending practices that favor adults instead of children (as long as no one ends practices like the one where I could get a five-figure bonus on top of my six-figure salary, even if there was no measurable improvement in my district, while students in my district’s schools are crammed 30+ to a poorly-supplied classroom).

I want to help overcome the linguistic and statistical limitations of the word “best” and make sure that the best teacher is in every classroom, and that the best principal is in every school. I haven’t found who those two people are yet, nor have I perfected the mechanism by which I’ll clone them, but I do believe I have something to significant to offer in the meantime.

I give you…The Corporate Reform Action Pack! My words will do it no justice. Instead, please enjoy this commercial.

(For real, though, I do plan to actually take the time to seriously address some of the major problems I see with that hot mess of a document. But right now, I’m at that point where I just have to crack-wise in order to not go completely nuts. I’m betting I’m not alone in that, so enjoy :) if you’re with me, and calm the heck down if you’re not. There’s some fast text at a couple of places; it may not make much of a difference to you if you don’t read it all, but if you’re interested in what it says, go ahead and hit pause. You’ll probably get more out of it if you view it full screen, too.)