...and now Celerity

Ben Austin, founder of the Parent’s Revolution and most recently embroiled in a battle over McKinley Elementary School, is no longer on the State Board of Education. He and others were replaced by the newly elected Governor Jerry Brown.

I have seen many an underhanded move by ed reformers under the guise that “it’s all about the children” but I must say that one of Austin’s moves definitely takes the cake.

During the attempted takeover of McKinley Elementary School by Ben Austin using the Parent Trigger law recently approved in California to create a charter school, Gabe Rose and Ben Austin, both of the Gates backed Parents’ Revolution, according to Daily Censored,  “created a fake group called “McKinley Parents for Change”  created a flyer full of falsehoods… and then placed a paid Parent Revolution organizer’s phone number on the bottom of the flyer”!

Can these folks be getting any more desperate in pushing what now seems to be the failed policies of Race to the Top?