It looks like people around the country are becoming aware of our local school board campaign.

Check out the interview with Marty McLaren, Kate Martin, Sharon Peaslee and Michelle Buetow on Momocrats radio based in Los Angeles. It starts at 14 minutes into the program.

K12NN on the MOMocrats Podcast: The Battle in Seattle — Four Women Run for School Board

By the way, according to a Parents Across America member who attended the school board candidates’ debate last night:

Kate Martin showed a solid knowledge of the issues and strong conviction of how to improve things. She was clearly more prepared than her incumbent, Sherry Carr. All of this resonated with the audience which gave Kate a 63%-38% advantage in the post-debate poll.  Go Kate!

One response that the audience loved was when Kate referred to our former superintendent, Dr. Goodloe-Johnson, as coming from the “puppy-mill for superintendents” when referring to the Broad Academy.

Marty McLaren also made a great showing despite the fact that the incumbent, Steve Sundquist, was not there. She got a particularly strong audience response when she brought up the issue of the incumbents taking big money from outside interests.

All the challengers got a big response as well for opposing Teach for America, Inc.

Michelle Buetow and Sharon Peaslee also did well.  They both polled at ~48%.