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Larry Gossett & Sue Peters at MAP Bridging the Gap breakfast
Larry Gossett & Sue Peters at MAP Bridging the Gap breakfast

“Sue will come up with creative ideas to close the
learning gap. Please join me and vote for Sue Peters!”
-Larry Gossett, King County Councilmember

A letter from Sue Peters:

Dear Supporters of Seattle Public Schools,   

Less than a week to go before Election Day! Please remember to VOTE!  And pass it on!
Ballots must be mailed no later than Tuesday, Nov 5.  Please forward this e-mail on to all your friends, family and colleagues!

According to Seattle Weekly (Oct 15), School Board District 4 is The Hottest Race in Town!

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Who Raised Over a Quarter Million Dollars for Local School Board Races?– Diane Ravitch’s Blog – Oct 18

Please help support Sue’s campaign.


If you donate $500 or more to Sue Peter’s campaign, an autographed copy of Reign of Error, by Diane Ravitch is your special gift! Be sure to read the New York Times review.

Meteorologist Cliff Mass is offering a custom weather forecast to anyone who donates $500 or more. Cliff says, “That means I will do a forecast just for them for an outing, wedding, hike, you name it.”

For a donation of $250 or more Cliff will give you an autographed copy of his fantastic book, The Weather of the Pacific Northwest. To find out why he’s such an avid supporter read his blog, Wealthy Folks Try to Take Over the Seattle School Board, Again.

You may donate up to $900, and any amount is welcome. Help Sue reach the goal of $35,000.

Marty McLaren, Garfield High School students & Sue Peters at MAP  Bridging the Gap breakfast.
Marty McLaren, Garfield High School students & Sue Peters at MAP Bridging the Gap breakfast.

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Highest rating in the race from
SEAMEC (Exceeds Expectations)

Municipal League: Very good.

I’m proud of the fiscally responsible, smart, community-based campaign we’ve been running.  Our investment is in outreach, not overhead. My volunteers are priceless.


Sue Peters for Seattle School Board Election Night Celebration:

November 5th at the MarQueen Hotel in the Tin Lizzie Lounge

600 N. Queen Anne Ave – (between Roy & Mercer) from 6:30-9:30pm, Nov 5.

Join us to celebrate our historic grass roots campaign!

What Sue Peters supports:

* Sound fiscal and academic decisions that direct resources to the classroom and our students;

* Rich, engaging curricula that help all students fulfill their potential and enjoy learning;

* Giving teachers the professional respect and support they need to do their jobs well.

* Less testing, more teaching.
To endorse Sue, send an email to and note how you want to be identified.

Let’s Keep Public Education Public!