Remember the Common Core SBAC test that was given to students in Seattle during the month of April and May, the test that was sooo important for students to take, the test that certain school administrators threatened, coerced and embarrassed students into taking, that SBAC test? Well, parents and students have yet to see the results of the test.

So then the question is, why haven’t the results been published? Does OSPI or our superintendent hope we’ll forget about the test? That it will be just a vague and very bad memory when precious class time was lost and millions of dollars spent on a test that is of no value to teachers or their students? Even if and when we see the results, will it matter? Teachers, students and parents cannot see the questions or the answers.

Is it because the results were so bad that a narrative is being created by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction OSPI/Bill Gates (Bill Gates has provided OSPI with $14M in grants since 2009)? We know that the Common Core Standards test results in other states were so low that parents began to question the test’s validity.

Or does it just take this long for the tests to be reviewed and graded by a computer?

Inquiring minds want to know.

And by the way, is it OK for Bill Gates to be feeding millions to our Office of Public Instruction? It’s a governmental agency, paid for by our tax dollars and seemingly run by one individual who is not an employee of the state.

Dora Taylor

Post Script:

The day after I posted this, on October 3, 2015, a notice was received by parents at Garfield High School that they can go to the school to see the results of the tests. Per the email to parents, it’s too costly to mail the results. So far no one is sure why the scores cannot be posted on the Source.

Here is an excerpt from the email:

I now have all of the test results from last spring and am happy to distribute those to students and families.  Unfortunately postage costs prohibit us from mailing them home, but I would LOVE to hand them out to students/families so they can share the results.  All copies are in my office and anyone can stop by anytime to pick them up.  My office is in the counseling center and good times to stop by are before school, during lunch, and after school. 

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