…who want to break the backs of the teachers’ unions.

Many of us have said that before, now you can see and hear it for yourselves.

This video was taken at the Aspen Ideas Festival which is heavily funded by Bill Gates. Stand For Children’s Co-Founder Jonah Edelman explains how he, with the support of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Arne Duncan’s  senior advisor Jo Anderson, out foxed the Chicago teachers’ union.

This is where the money that Stand for Children raises actually goes to, to gain power for the billionaire boyz clubDFER and all of those hedge fund millionaires who want to take over and privatize our pubic schools.

SFC received $4.5M last year from Bill Gates and $3M from wealthy donors for destroying the teachers’ union in Chicago. Substance News did an article in January about the wealthy who financed the big push to bust the unions in Chicago, see: Emanuel’s Billionaire donors also bankrolling Stand for Children, pushing union busting organizations in Illinois. Oregon, also, has been infected by the virus by way of Stand for Children as well as Texas.

This is what Edelman had to say about our state:

“We’re already getting going. We’re doing this level of work in every state. ..In Washington state, same goal. We could readily outspend the WEA. MA, very similar. It might be a ballot measure in WA. It might be we have a ballot measure on the ballot in MA, and we use it as a lever.”

Thanks to Jennifer Marshall for capturing the video and providing the clip and to Fred Klonsky for posting this video on his blog.


A transcript of Edelman’s 14 minute presentation can be found at the Parents Across America website.

I would also highly recommend reading Susan Ohanian’s article about the Aspen Institute in Substance News,

Aspen Institute Session on SB7… How the Ruling Class works against public schools and teacher unions…

Post Script: Remember the mantra of “effective teachers” that began with NCTQ two years ago in Seattle and how that mutated into “bad teachers” by groups like LEV and SFC? And how that mutated into unions are bad because they protect bad teachers? Are you starting to see the end game to all of this?

Charter schools, low paid teaching staff with no union protection, pre-packaged lesson plans and tests developing route memory but nothing else and everything on the computer including lessons and of course testing all brought to you by Broad, Gates, the Edelmans and all the other wealthy “liberals” who have everything to gain financially in one form or another whether it is immediate gains or having a mass of workers who can “compete with the global economy” by being happy with low wages and no union protections such as long hours, unsafe working conditions and no medical benefits.

Are these the first few steps towards that brave new world?

Post Script Deux: This story keeps growing by the hour! Much information has come to light in the last 24 hours, at least for me, in terms of the Edelman link. George Schmidt with Substance News covers Jonah’s brother, Josh Edelman, through his tenure as Chief Officer, Office of New School (where do they come up with these job titles!?) in an article titled Josh Edelman Ousted.

Interesting read.

By the way, Josh and Jonah both attended the Sidwell Friends School, the one that Obama’s daughters attend now in D.C. I would hazard a guess that if Josh and Jonah have school aged children that they do not attend a public school but somehow these two manage to know what’s best for the rest of us in our underfunded public schools.