The following statement was read at the NAACP press conference on the Common Core Standards SBAC test:

NAACP Seattle

It is the position of the Seattle King County Branch of the NAACP to come out against the Smarter Balanced Assessment Tests. Commonly referred to as SBAC.

Seattle and Washington State public schools are not supplied with proper resources and a lack of equity within our schools continue to exist.

The State of Washington cannot hold teachers responsible for the outcome of students test results; when these very students are attending schools in a State that ranks 47th out of 50 States in the Nation when it comes to funding education. That is the 3rd lowest in the U.S. Furthermore, Washington State cannot expect for the majority of students to perform well on increased targeted performance assessments; while the State continues to underfund education in direct violation of a Washington State Supreme Court Order.

The costs tied to the test this year is $200 million. If the State wants students to achieve academic performance at higher levels these dollars should be put in our classrooms and used for our children’s academic achievement improvement instead of putting dollars in the pockets of test developers.

We urge families to opt out of the SBAC test and contact their local and state officials advising them to abide by the State Supreme Court McCleary decision to fully fund education.

Rita Green, MBA; Seattle King County NAACP Education Chair